Reworked Mayhem modifiers > Mayhem 11

Because of the same reasons you mention, I’ve been playing on M8 for the last several months months.

This last weekend, I started playing M10 again, just to get some M10 weapons in preparation for the new M11.

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Yeah, I want no modifiers at all. I tended to stick to M1 because picking Lootsplosion or Slayer had the least effect on gameplay. I also played in M4 and M8 because there are only two modifiers to deal with.

I’ve been playing in M10 a lot more lately (gathering up gear so I can hit M11 running) and while I love the tougher enemies all those modifiers are just obnoxious. If a great number of players spend 10-15 rerolling modifiers until at last they can sigh dejectedly and end up with 4 that they reluctantly keep because they are the least fun-killing, there’s something wrong with the system.

I’m very much looking forward to M11, moreso than the new skill trees and Arms Race.

Now if they would just fix that bug where the weapons wielded by enemies do Mayhem damage, it would be just about perfect. (That, or scale up all other sources of damage so at least everything is consistent.)


Mayhem 2.0 kinda ruined things a bit for me. I am a fan of bigger difficulty, but I don’t like the modifiers at all. I wish there was a way to disable them, and just play with the higher difficulty. However, that leads to the second issue with M2, which is now all loot you get is scaled to your level of mayhem. Meaning anything I farm will be OP on lower levels and UP on higher levels past a certain point.

I just don’t understand the point of any of this. I want to play normal Borderlands at a difficulty higher than TVHM, without having to farm for gear specific to that difficulty. Why on Earth is this not a thing in this game?

Personally, my fav way to play was the original M3 and 4. It had modifiers, but not ones that made my screen look like light bulbs exploding everywhere constantly. Plus it gave higher difficulty AND I could use the loot I got in non mayhem mode and vice versa.

Give me back this option gearbox!


Okay, I’ll be “that guy:” I actually really enjoy the mayhem modifiers, they add a lot of chaos and an element of randomness to the battlefield. I kind of love that “Oh shoot, why is a big red skull flying at my face” feeling when I’ve forgotten to check my modifiers.

But I also realize that I’m the exception to the rule.

All I’m saying, asking, really, is that any changes made to the Mayhem system also keep in mind that there are at least a few of us who are enjoying the system as it is now, and some who would even like to see the system expanded a bit.

IF Gearbox chooses to overhaul Mayhem yet again, I hope they will do it in such a way that all players get something that they want, both folks like me who enjoy the chaos, and folks who just want a tougher difficulty level without all the added bullpucky.

Make it a toggle.
Make it an option.
Make it a choice.

Let ME choose to play on my crazy chaotic Mayhem Modes while others play NewGame+++.


Balance is not supposed to be an exception from the rule, it should be the rule, and people who want unbalanced should be the exception from the rule.
That way people who like balance can play, and people who want unbalanced can break the balance in other ways if they choose to.

Same thing as always… GBX always fails to find a middle ground…

Some people on the forum even got used to that and actually wonder why people ask for certain QoL changes or shoot them down thinking they will somehow get disadvantaged…

Like the point where people ask to be able to select mayhem mods and they reply with “you can just reroll them”

QoL doesn’t matter?

You should work for gearbox bro,why hasn’t no one looked at changing the modifiers for the better

This, I miss this the most. In the old MM1.0 days, I could say, go farm for a Juliet’s Dazzle on M4 (because it was only available there ofc) and bring it back down to non-mayhem and it wouldn’t be OP or feel weirdly out of place because it wasn’t essentially four levels of damage above everything else in my loadout.

I did a ton of farming at M3 for use in non-mayhem, just because the drop rates were better and it made no difference which level I used the gear in, it was all the same level, making things simple.

My hope remains that one day, Gearbox will deactivate the mayhem part on gear and rescale the enemy HP values throughout the mayhem levels, making it more like MM1.0.

If the end result of doing something like that is that if regular 65 weapons against “new” M10/11 enemies would feel about the same as current M10 weapons against current M10/11 enemies, then essentially nothing is lost but we’ve gained some flexibility. Grab your Backburner at M6 and take it down to M1, and it won’t be completely OP (well, any more OP than it natively is heh.)


In my experience, the issue with modifiers is that they make and break your gear.
This is due to annointments imo.
The annointments on a gun make it viable or make it bad in the same mayhem level. That should not be the case.
Mayhem 11 with a no anointed gear mode. That’s what I want, and that’s what would cement this game as a fun pass time for me. Not sure how many feel the same, I’m sure some annointed builds are fun and I’ve played some of them myself, but it’s just too many variables to keep track of to be fun for me, between artifact synergies, shield annoints, weapon annoints, then add legendary effects on top of some strange skill trees-
Like I said, mayhem 11 with no annoints. Maybe that will be mayhem 12.

100% this and I would still be playing if so,… but,…

They are too proud to revert,… :frowning:

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Still trying to achieve some balance with Mayhem modes. We get the idea of “working up” to #10, etc., but we think makes the game almost too controllable. We also felt that for playthrough 1, we leveled up too fast. With the DLCs, we hit lvl 65 easily. Now where do we go? We’re getting bored with PL #2, doing that on Mayhem 4-6 – depending.

In some ways, we liked Borderlands 1 and 2 better: You had one game - get better weapons and that was it. Maybe we’re missing something, but we do love the Wontan world, where you have two choices: “no so hard” and “very hard.” This is not “Mayhem.” It’s just hard on that hard setting.

Still messing with the Mayhems and still thinking we have too much control. E.g. if we’re in the mood to just kill stuff, just set the Mayhem down a few notches. Easy. I suppose Blands is going to say, the goal is to play through on Mayhem 10-11. Then go from there – await BLands 4 perhaps…

i give a big NO
to most of these
some of these are trash and cant be saved… and by that i will instantly point at minus crit dmg without any positive to play around with

Releasing mayhem 11 is basically them admitting mayhem 2.0 was a failure and instead of fixing the current modifiers, they’ll rather delete them altogether.

What beats me is why didn’t they introduce more modifiers and especially modifiers that spawn more monsters, for example. The cartel event was an insane success and yet we have nothing similar. Or modifiers that modify your guns in special ways like bullets ricochet to an additional enemies (ideally with a negative effect).

They could have done so much with the system, but they kinda abandoned it and they struggled to balance guns ever since they slapped 10000% defenses on enemies. So extremely unproductive.


Yeah if such a modifier existed I would always take it, that’s the kind of mayhem that’s fun. :smiley:

Man I miss the cartel event. I’d happily pay to have it a permanent part of the game.

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That’s what the Children of The Atom and Sick Puppy modifiers are for in my OP. They do that kind of thing basically.

When I first read about modifiers I was thinking about things that would actually change something and not handicap you while others buff you…

For example, galaxy brain would be easy to get headshots but headshots would do less damage (there’s enemies you can’t hit their critspot like wotan’s back when he’s following you as a solo player)

Floor is lava could buff scoped shots (take to long to line up your shots? Take damage)

And so on… But every single one of the mods are just uninspired boring crap and otherwise visual pollution

If that would be the case I would love to change mods and the game would be fun…

Dude/tte, have you looked at console performance as is?