Reyna and Leveling

Reyna is without a doubt the worst Support character when it comes to gaining exp. She lacks AoE and her auto attacks dont really cut it. Kleese, Alani, Miko, and Ambra can all reasonably damage a lane enough to soak up EXP. Miko can keep his heal locked on someone and gain assist exp, but Reyna cant waste her Shielding on one person hitting a lane to get an assist.
She gets a Helix to cause her Plasma shots to splash but the radius is so small its worthless, needs adjusted to be a bit bigger since this is a trade off between plasma splash and pistol DPS.
Her plasma shot also feels like it needs more, as a shield destroyer. Causing it to disable enemy shield recharge for a duration would be a great default addition or a mutation, as all of her current mutations are terrible.

I do have trouble with the first couple of levels, but I just focus on assists and building until I hit level 3/4, then it all seems to progress at a nice pace.

I like to run a cheap buildable reducer as well to help with this

I main Miko but I believe she is by far the best support character she’s a shielded a healer and damage support all in one… As the other commenter said just consentrate on assists… And keeping them alive while they are destroying bots… Just by assists alone you will never be more than a level behind the rest of the players and playing as a support that shouldn’t be to much of a problem… Also damage marking the Shepard bots is extremely useful and there’s some exp right there (that and make sure to shoot the little ones to get that bot assist xp)

That requires shooting every single minion at least once, before they’re nuked by your team and hopefully within 10 seconds of their inevitable death. Alani can clear the lane herself and miko can just heal beam the wave-clearer and get assists. It seems like her plasma mutation was intended to help with this, by making it an AoE, but the radius is too small to be of any use, that is what needs a change

you level characters in pvp?! i’m sorry it is FAR easier to just solo some advance missions as reyna and get tons of exp…

They’re referring to leveling up mid game, not gaining character ranks.

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Pretty sure the OP means gaining levels within a single PVP match, not gaining overall levels for Reyna to unlock mutations and the like.

To the OP, Reyna is the hunter-support. She doesn’t defend points like Kleese does, she doesn’t wave clear/CC like Alani does, and she doesn’t pack either the zone or single-target healing of Ambra or Miko. What she does do is pair with an assassin type and go make bodies. You need to think function relative to objective. Reyna doesn’t clear the lane. She helps kill dudes.

The best indication of this is just HOW her “healing” works. Overshielding is the height of proactive “healing.” She’s not healing, she’s stopping damage before it happens. She’s ensuring that your assassin will survive to make the kill, and given her forthright (and effective!) arsenal that’s focused on single-target hits, she can even make the kill herself.

So when running with an assassin, shield them up, Priority Target, and see who can get the kill first. You might be surprised at how many you end up with.

At least as I understand it, the fundamental “objective math” of Reyna is that 2 hunting 1 will succeed more quickly, and spare themselves more damage. This is also why Reyna’s ultimate is excellent for repelling the counter-attack that’ll come after you assassinate (or participate in the assassination of) opposing Battleborn.

Are you saying its hard to shoot bots??? Alani and Miko also can’t slow an enemy for 12 seconds and they can’t negate all ranged damage and they can’t prevent crits and can’t remove debuffs… I agree I do believe the aoe was intended for this but if your playing support unless your entire team has been killed there’s no reason for you to ever have to solo a wave…

She doesnt need too? May have to sometimes. I’m saying compared to all other supports, or all other CHARACTERS, she has a horrible time of tagging minions for exp.

As said, just get assists. If there’s no assassins on the team, don’t play her.

Well I personally prefer using her alongside brawlers rather than assassins but that’s just me

Still works decently

As said, thats a pain in the ass for reyna. Miko’s kunai doing poison damage makes it REALLY easy to tag a minion, it’ll take damage so long hes guaranteed to get assist exp .She has no AoE to multi-tag waves like alani/kleese/miko, unless you mean assists on player kills which is totally different. Again, she has a mutation THAT IS CURRENTLY USELESS that is supposed to do this.


I loved her for support while I was mastering her but yeah, she has a very hard time getting levels in pvp early ish on. I had to work five times as hard for a fraction of the xp. One of the only times I raged at my randy teams who actually used mics was with her because they kept ditching me to clear minions off the sentry AND we’re crying I wasn’t at the enemy sentry to heal them. Reyna just doesn’t have the dps to kill minions worth a a damn.

I use a zero shard attack speed boost to get more exp from minions early game. Definitely helps when u get the Lv 2 slow as well.

I use a 0 cost shard gen, atk speed and reload speed for my build.

For me i play a more defensive, buy everything kinda reyna. By 10 minute my whole base probably has all turrets maxed out. And by then I’m probably close to or already lvl 5 or more (without kills. With kills it’ll be way faster)

A couple of times leveled to 5 before the rest of my team due to the tons of buildables i buy.

Since you’re not a direct healer, you don’t need to be in the face of combat often. So just run everywhere and get every shard. If you control midlane (overgrowth) shard runs are easy. If not, just keep going back to base (when it’s OK) and grab shards along the way.

As for killing minions, try to aim for the crit spots (middle red eye for small one and the head for the humanoid one). You’ll do quite a bunch of damage.

Plus they just upped her damage even more for pistol.

Tldr, get shards, build stuff, aim for crits, get thralls (didn’t mention this), buy more stuff, get shards Oh and get shards. Ofc not to mention to do your own job and save idiots who like to sentry dive too often. If they still die then it’s their fault. And priorty target everything (you’ll get free assists) and shield every thing.

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Thats like making it a 4v5 though. Plus, allies may need shards, and to build stuff for exp. Also, any character can do this. This is not a reyna thing.

Priority Target the ranged minion and use explosive plasma shots for AoE to wave clear. It’s not rocket science.

He’s asking how to level up fast. Any character can do this, that is true. Hence making my whole point pretty much correct.

He wants levels, this gives levels.
As for making it 4v5, you’re always in lane. Except when going back to take shards (WHEN YOU CAN, I think you missed this bracket note). And reyna is a support. Her heals are based off cooldown (except right click) priorty target is a also a skill. The only ways she can assist is through normal attacks which she does indeed is slightly lacking.

Lastly doing your job of collecting shards while your team SUCCESSFULLY pushes is doing a good job. Shards spawn on a timer after they are collected. The faster you collect (when you can) the more will spawn for your team (assuming you hold the lane).

Its only 4v5 if you’re not doing something beneficial for the team.

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I just explained the plasma AoE helix does not work, not even for tightly packed minions. And yeah use PT on minions and not enemy BB, great idea.
I guess objectively comparing similar classes to make suggestions is pointless then. Too much e-peen “i did it so its fine”

On the bright side, they buffed Reyna’s laser pistol damage by 20%, so there’s that. Will help take out the shepherd that much faster.