Reyna as a Skirmisher (no, really)

I’ll preface this by saying I’m under no illusion that Reyna can be anything like a genuine frontline fighter; she’s way too squishy, has no special movement options, and can’t shield/heal herself unless she has a fellow hero around. This being said: she has the potential to push some impressive DPS with the gear and Helix I’ll describe, and can contribute a surprising amount of damage to a fight if used carefully. Call her a team-based buffer/debuffer Skirmisher, I guess.

Anyway, here’s the kit:

Gambler’s “Greyhound”: (-7.00% CDR, -4.20% CDR while all skills on cooldown)
Aristocrat’s Ostentatious Saber: (+9.80% AS, +5.60% AS for 5 sec after taking shield damage
Killer’s Retracting Wristblade: (+9.80% AS, +5.60% AS for 60 sec after kill/assist on player/major NPC)
Trickster’s “Sidecar”: (+21.00% RS, +9.80% RS for 10 sec after using a Skill)

And here are the Helix choices:

1 - Electrostatic Induction (left): An unfortunately easy choice. Waste reduction needs a buff or rework IMO. Instantly pumping your teammate’s shield is a no-brainer.

2 - (either): Not actually a cop-out. If you’re not great at hitting with the Plasma Pulse, Priority Plasma turns your bolts into homing torpedoes for the duration of your Priority Target skill. If you are confident with plasma marksmanship, choose Lockdown. Three seconds is a LONG slow, and a benefit you should definitely take advantage of if you know you can hit with it.

3 - Slazer Thermokinetics (center): Another no-brainer. The AS gear makes this a necessity.

4 - Vital Protocol (left): Easy choice, but with a caveat. If your team has a competent healer, you may actually want to consider The Best Defense (center) instead. It’ll make sense later.

5 - Improvised Tactics (left): We’re using Slazer, so Thermal Equilibrium is off the table; and we’re stacking CDR, so Improvised Tactics ups the ante on our core gameplan.

6 - Vigilance (left): Adding damage to Priority Target is tempting, but it’s not a huge damage-add, and our best utility is keeping our teammate(s) alive. Tougher overshield is just a better choice.

7 - Pulse Pounder (right): Another unfortunately easy choice (Shield Sapper would be much better if it gave its 20% shield steal to all local allies as well as Reyna). Besides which, we’re pushing damage with this kit, so harder-hitting pulse shots are the best fit.

8 - Most Wanted (left): This is as much a tactical choice as a numerical one. Priority Target gives its victim a very noticeable on-screen and audio warning; the longer it lasts, the longer a careful opponent will want to stay out of danger. Even if you can’t kill, you can weaken the other team’s offense if one of its key pushers is worried about getting burned down. Dogpiler’s a valid alternate choice, but I prefer Most Wanted.

9 - Long Watch (left): An absolute necessity, as the gear makes clear. Longer, thicker overshields = win.

10 - Huddle Up (center): We’ve already chosen three potent buffs for our Shield Booster which help any teammate it affects… and now we can potentially buff the entire team at once? YES PLEASE.

Here’s how it works:

Run with a teammate (Reyna can’t survive alone.) You should be buffing your teammate’s shields as often as reasonably possible (don’t do it just to do it, wait until they’re under fire). Fire your Priority Target debuff as soon as you see anything major enough to warrant it. Try to shoot as many minions as possible in modes where minions appear - you don’t have to kill them, just damage them (so you get XP when they die). Also, build buildables before you activate gear, unless running with a teammate who has a zero-cost shard generator (in which case they should focus on buildables).

As soon as you have 924 shards that aren’t needed for turrets or heal stations, activate your Greyhound (CDR mod) first - don’t even think about either of the others. This will probably happen around the same time you hit Helix 5, so Improvised Tactics kicks in around the same time… and suddenly you’re rocking a 26.20% CDR basically all the time.

Your next activation is player’s preference - I usually go for AS before RS, but either is a good benefit. With the CDR you should be cycling skills almost constantly, so the second tier of Sidecar’s benefit should almost always be active, meaning you essentially have +30.80% RS all the time. It helps more than you might think.

Once all your gear is up and running, Reyna’s capable of astonishingly quick takedown setups. She still can’t go 1v1 (unless it’s a badly weakened enemy), but can be a murderous assistant in most 2v2s. She can also set up a minion wave to have potentially uninterrupted access to a Sentry once she’s at Helix 5 or better; and if her own burst potential has begun to shine by then, one well-timed Photonic Ward can yield a considerable chunk of health off a Sentry.

I mentioned a possible caveat for the use of The Best Defense. If your team already has a strong healer, TBD allows you to give the entire team a 16% damage buff for fourteen seconds at Helix 10. Couple that with a 10-second defense debuff from Priority Target and you’re looking at serious Sentry damage - even if only 2 or 3 team members can hit the Sentry while the others defend your position.

TL;DR: Pick these gear and Helix choices, play carefully, and you have a solid buff/debuff skirmisher who can push decent DPS or potentiate Sentry smackdowns.

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My damage build, i wont describe it here again, because i did it 3 times today already in other posts, just look up to one of them :stuck_out_tongue:

But i do agree to you, in the right hands reyna becomes a pain in the ass of every enemy, i actually prefer btw the left helix option (homing PC) because its a killing blow for every fleeing enemy, countless players who thought they are safe in their base ended up on my kill list, just jump into the base, fire it in the air until it overheats and run away, most of the enemys will die, if needed (and possible without dying!) shot some lasergun shots, they’ll do 50% mire damage, should be enough for a killing blow.

P.s.: nice to finally meet someone who truly understands Reyna :acmaffirmative:

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Rogue fist bump

What gear do you use?


I have two right now, the first is a “main” loadout, contents a Vow of Vengeance (+9,98% AP, +5,6%AS) , White Wristblade (+10%AS) and my Spec Ops watch with 7%CDR and another 5% when i get CC’d, my “heal” loadout is basically the same, except the wristblade, theres a medpack with 15% healpower, i take this one when my team is full of melees and i’m the only healer

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You should go with Symbiotic Guantlet instead. Vow of vengeance is great but only on melee character since the whole stacking part.

Yeah but the best option I got right now, but infact i do use the stacking effect, not as much as an melee but i do often quick melee to punch away minions and players who try to block me, its not bad to have a little dmg boost for your next shots in such situations