Reyna character guide video

Just published a new video for a Reyna build and thought you folks might like it. She’s more versatile than people think, IMO.

This video focuses on a build for PvP but I do mention when I think a helix option might be better for PvE. I like to avoid the front lines, staying in the middle, and only jumping in closer if I know I’m going to get the kill. But mostly I’m building, supporting, and making sure enemies are weak enough that they stay the hell away from my territory.

Would love feedback and to hear how some of you play her!

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Great character guide :acmaffirmative:

I play/build very similar myself. For gear I use 0 cost shard gen, 0 cost 7% cooldown, and a green buildable cost reduc. Same early game, build as much as possible to get to level 4 for that heal helix. I do prefer the homing shot on plasma pulse at level 2 if I’m playing in a pug. Most random’s don’t understand other characters’ helix trees well enough to pick up things like Reyna applying slow (I don’t think a lot of people even realise that her priority target increases the damage taken from ALL characters!). The slow is a must have when I’m playing with friends and can communicate what’s going on though. I prefer the 15% cooldown, and buff it with gear to get that up to 22% cooldown. Therapeutic booster over vigilance has it’s merit, depending on whether the enemy team comp is haevy in the CC department. I still take the +112 overshield more often than not, even though the extra shield can be negated in 1-3 shots from the enemy, as it’s the better option for consistency.

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I agree with most of what you said. I’d say the homing shots are better when facing jukey characters like Melka or Caldy as when they try to flee you can’t miss. It is so satisfying killing an escaping Caldy mid-ult.

And the double OM happens when a character hasn’t completed the prologue yet and just goes straight into PVP, the game forces them to play OM, even if he’s already picked.

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She’s definitely one of those characters you can switch your helix up with depending on the situation. Not a lot of characters do that as much as Reyna. Thanks for watching! Love your build!

That’s not a bad choice at all. I do love, though, targetting a fast character and then making sure i hit them at least once with my laser pistol before hitting them with plasma pulse. Watching them try to jump is always hilarious.

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