Reyna character is offensive

Not sure what gearbox was thinking with this character with all the outlandish and negative stereotypes…

-Holding the gun sideways like a “gangsta” (no one who is a professional marksman would ever do that…)

-Speaking in ebonics

-Exaggerated figure

-“Angry black woman” stereotype

Really distasteful…

I was thinking of buying this game until I played this character. Really over-the-top and offensive.

Ignore the character. Simple as that. I don’t like her either, and I haven’t touched her after my experiences with her.

Everybody, sing with me!

I am the grumpy old troll, living under the bridge!


She’s not that bad, nothing about the character screamed “offensive” to me. I honestly believe she’s a pretty good support character.

I like her over the alternative of not having a black woman in the roster.

Who said she’s a “professional marksman” anyway?

People speak ebonics to this very day, I guess that’s distasteful?

Try to have some fun man, the game is great, the characters are unique and colorful.

But then again, game could just not be for you.


Let’s not start another “Tracer butt” controversy again, shall we?

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Funny how this only happens with female characters

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So Oscar Mike & Montana as “Murica” military brainless meatheads arent “offensive”? El Dragon as a singing, salsa dancing, mexican luchidor isnt offensive? Shane as a broody , suburban life rejecting, “paint my nails black” teenage goth isnt offensive?

Atleast be consistent…

Btw her figure is certainly reality based, black chicks can often be thick just like that…who knew? Its a GAME.


From what I understand, Reyna is the leader of the Rogues. Doesn’t really get anymore ‘gangsta’ than that.

SHE DOESNT EVEN LOOK BLACK. Ffs people these days getting offended at everything. Should Chinese people get offended at Mieko?


While she does fit some stereotypes of SOMETHING, it really isn’t clear what that SOMETHING is or how that relates to her looks really, so I don’t see what the problem is. She seems to be an amalgamation of things. I actually like that she is rather unique and unusual type of character in video games.

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Pretty sure the OP doesn’t actually mean what he/she said, just as people are pointing out, just trolling.

Might aswell remove ISIC then for being an AI gone bezerk. /s

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^ This. You’re thinking too much into the character, Transistor. There are more important things to worry about.

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Always viewed her as more of a stereotypical space pirate/smuggler. Never has stuck out as a racial sterotype. Plus what are these ebonic pharses tou are referencing? I haven’t heard them.

There is an entire faction revolving around a joke about socio-economic statuses.

If Gearbox was ever trying to be tasteful, it wasn’t with this game.

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Um, she’s not Black.
Compare her skin tone, facial features, and accent to Ghalt.
She’s supposed to be a Southern woman of indeterminate race and middle years who is also a Space Pirate.
The accent is a combination of standard Southern and Fake Pirate. Roughen it up for forty years or so of crappy life. Her figure is supposed to be ‘matronly’, as they say.
Think the unnatural spawn of Paula Dean and Buckaroo Banzai.


ISAC is clearly a flamboyant gay robot.


you could just not be an idiot and quit finding everything racist/offensive. No one should give a ■■■■ if you get offended.

Talk about games here, please. Not other forum users.

If you find any posts troublesome, please just flag them. Don’t post in threads you don’t like.


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