Reyna CR and Lore 100% No item, no title, no achievement!

Anyone have any idea why I am not getting the achievement for Reyna? CR & lore is @ 100%. I have also played the required extra match after reaching CR 15. Yet I have not gotten the achievement, the “Master of Reyna” title or Reyna’s lore item. That’s a decent amount of grinding to do for nothing.

That sounds like a very nasty bug - you should maybe send a support ticket to GBX/2K´s support.

There are some bugs on the run when it comes to charactter lore and achievements. I gota Phoebe-bug, a nice one where you get the Master-title when completing the Addonexus-lore. I was character-lv. 12 that ntime and had title+skin… But its more a “bonus-bug”, no mean one like yours.

Nasty things happen sometimes, I really hope the guys at the support can help you out!