Reyna Discussion

Reyna is a tactical leader role. Her glove, commander glove, can both buff allies and debuff enemies.

Her main gun though is her pistol that you use with the right trigger/left mouse and it deals physical damage as expected.

Her commander glove is used with the left trigger/right mouse and shoots a slower projectile that removes shields.

Her abilities from GI


Overwatch – This support-focused ability allows Reyna to emit a charge from her Command Glove that automatically targets a nearby teammate and provides them with an overshield. This is especially useful for characters who have smaller shields, or no shields at all, like Thorn.

Priority Target – Similar to Overwatch, Priority Target sends out a charge from Reyna’s glove, only this one seeks out an enemy. Once hit, a percentage of all the damage dealt to that foe will bypass their shield for a short period of time, regardless of whether Reyna or another teammate is doling out the pain. As you can probably surmise, this ability would be wasted on a character like Thorn.

Rally The Troops – Reyna’s passive ability increases her movement speed for every shot she lands on an enemy with her pistol. This effect is stackable and also buffs nearby teammates, giving them an incentive to stick close to their commander.

Ultimate Ability:

Nick Of Time – Reyna’s abilities and upgrades revolve around helping out her fellow teammates, and Nick of Time ensures she’s always in the right place at the right time. The ultimate ability allows her to instantly warp to any ally’s location. In addition to supporting a teammate in need, Nick of Time also gives Reyna an exit strategy should she run into trouble of her own.

Like miko we have another support character but it looks like reyna can be in the mix quite a bit more. She will be another target but between her UA and passive ability she might be hard to nail down.

Why didnt they have her at E3?

She seems like kind of a complex character. Since this was most people’s first time playing the game, plus E3 is very loud and distracting, that’s not a good environment to learn the game and play a complex character.

Dude, where do you find this info. i’m really curious

These were from the original game informer articles, Reyna wasn’t in the e3 demos so she might change quite a bit or just needed work on balancing.

Thats the official site and its quite amazing.

i’ve been there. its driving me crazy that gearbox is keeping everything about this game so close to their chest. they don’t even have a release date (i know why but still…), just an ominous ‘winter 2015’

I think they have been pretty forthcoming with this game, again go look at the site, 10 characters on there with full trees. We got a very long alpha video of game play very early on and Randy V also known as @Jythri has been very open about answering what he can and also telling us what he can’t just yet tell us.

I don’t mind the winter date because set dates to far away are stupid. The game at this stage still has a lot of work to do and that makes a set date hard to put down. I’m sure they have a date they want to hit but I would rather they put it out when its ready than to set a date and either release it to early do to pressure or have to do the push the date back dance that we are all sick of.

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Release it when it’s ready and not a day before.

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i guess what i’m saying is i want more! i really wanna play the game. it feels like there’s so much more to this game then what we’ve seen and i’m sooooo tired of waiting. at least show me another character already!
i just wanna see benedict shoot someone.

i mean compared to overwatch (which doesn’t have a release date), they’ve released loads of info and videos and even have a beta (which is coming in september i think) but no release date; and i think it was even announced after battleborn. its not like i want them to release the game unfinished. that would be a disaster. i just want to know more about the game.

i mean why even say winter 2015. why not coming soon. its lack of specificity thats killing me, at least i’m used to coming soon.

also why won’t they show pvp. why! i just want more info.
i don’t think its too much to ask for more.

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I wouldn’t qualify Winter 2015 as “soon”. And everybody wants more info, Lucky, but since the game is still very much in development, something the devs say today could be changed tomorrow. We should be getting loads of information once the beta is released. Patience, grasshopper.

what i meant was why not the term coming soon instead of winter 2015. semantics aside i guess i’m just frustrated that it seems like no one but me (and of course people on this forum) seems to understand why battleborn will be great.

but alas you’re right ‘patience is a virtue’ and ‘time is the great equaliser’. i shall patiently wait for new info with all the serenity i can muster. for now…

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Yeah, I agree with this the game seems under hyped IMO. I’ve heard a lot of, “well they made that crappy aliens game” more than the other way about them making Borderlands.

People always seem to whine that we never get new IP’s and just get more sequels and remakes, and here is a new IP from a company that killed with the last new IP they made.

I think there should be more hype in the gaming community about this game, but who cares all the big hyped games seem to be letdowns lately so maybe this will be a nice surprise instead.


Its like you went into my brain scooped it out and wrote it online.

i really hope so cause my deepest worry is that it’ll become that great game no one played.

this game obviously will be one that lives or dies by its community, so i hope when the time comes it gets all the attention and love it (probably will) deserves.

i mean look at shadow of mordor early last year no cared about it except me and one other guy i knew and it became the sleeper hit game of the year (and i think is sold pretty well).

So. Here’s to Battleborn the sleeper hit game of 2015.

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We have Reyna gameplay now 9:45 in this video

Looks pretty cool, holding the gun sideways is great.

Here’s an image of her looking badassimage

its weird, she really doesn’t look like a support character. i can’t decide whether thats a good or bad thing.

And it bugs me that she holds her gun sideways. Not a bad character though, far from it.

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I like it.
Its Gangsta!

Inb4 hearing “Get low, get crunk” in the background or something.

Reyna’s page just got added to the site. she sounds like she’s great to use.

Not sure if this counts as a necro but here’s some quality full-length Reyna gameplay. Haven’t been able to find any up until now: