Reyna finally has a premium taunt!

…and it’s a serious contender for the worst/most bizarre taunt in the game. What is this? Seriously, I need answers. :frowning:


Yeah, she does this weird highkick splits thing and then just decides to play dead in the middle of it. :laughing:

When I first saw it I was all WTF?! :confounded:

As it is I’m still not sure what to think about it. :laughing:

I gotta be honest here…

it looks like the animator gave up halfway through and just let the model ragdoll, then decided to pick it back up again and finish the animation.

It’s… odd. To say the least.

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Whatever it is, I think it’s hilarious. LOVE it. :smile:

Its an awesome taunt, probably the best in the lot. Shes saying "Hey! this is you."
Boldurs is awful, its like the armpit taunt all over again.

Yes it is! :dukeaffirmative:

wrong >: O thats bad! Its just another “im the butt of all jokes” taunt

I like it because it’s a tribute to Marilyn Monroe’s famous movie scene and I think it’s funny. :dukejk:

… Lol look up death drops on YouTube. It’s a dance culture thing (mostly LGBT related). I respect their attention to diversity with the taunts. Such as Benedict having a taunt referencing the tv show Arrested Development. They have many that can only be recognized and appreciated if you’re familiar with them.


Makes sense now! I was intrigued when you said was LGBT related, so I did a Google search, and it seems it might be more specifically associated with drag queen culture. Which would explain why I didn’t know anything about it.

By the way, if they want to show more attention to diversity with taunts, I am all for a taunt where Mellka twirls Deande into her arms and kisses her. Let’s make it happen Gearbox.

Yeah it definitely began somewhere within drag/vogue culture but has now become such a wide spread phenomena for dancers in general. I’m surprised more people haven’t noticed! And yes that would definitely confirm the Deande x Melka ship hahaha

Well, how would she explain that to her bf? I do think something is there, but I could see Foxtrot stuffing Mellka full of lead for that

Who’s to say that Deande and Whiskey don’t have an open relationship? If it’s even a relationship at all (the lore says they went on dates, not that they’re together!)

Also, Mellka could totally beat up Whiskey and make Deande swoon in the process. Just saying.

Oh, this is still the Reyna forum… Uh… Reyna! Reyna Reyna Reyna!

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I was considering that. It depends more on his personality. I don’t know his lore that well so I couldn’t say. I do know that they are basically together though. In some of Foxtrot’s lore, a “Fan of the Empire” tells him she’d like to bare him in their usual place. Shockingly unsubtle for Deande

If you Google death drop dance move animated gif this is a few examples of what you get:

Look familiar? Anyway, thanks for pointing this out. I had no idea what Reyna was doing, and now it makes sense.

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Hey guys, Guys! Is Reyna…a drag queen? D’=

But yeah, I knew what she was doing because at some point I saw some dance crew on ABDC who were gay/drag w.e do it and I found it freakin’ hilarious. So I looked into it more and was just amazed that they weren’t dying on impact and exploding into a thousand pieces.

So yeah, if you know what she’s doing (death drop) you won’t be so confused and will get to enjoy the taunt (which I did). Definitely not as bad as other people’s premium taunt looks at Ambra

UGH. It’s the same as her level 15 taunt except she twirls it slightly differently!

I want to see Ambra make a sunspot in her palm, cackle, and then puff it out…

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I want her to light her ass on fire by mistake and run around in a circle screaming and flailing her arms wildly before turning into Ash which she then shakes off and says “Just kidding”.

Edit: Oh yeah, Reyna! She must be Shakira because dem hips don’t lie!

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She just needs one taunt where it’s more of a joke. Even the ooh sssss taunt is funny but isn’t necessarily a joke like Rath’s balance taunt