Reyna Gear to use?

What gear do you guys use for Reyna? I’m using a Cooldown, Healing, and Reload Speed gear as of right now but i don’t know what I should use

I’ve got reload speed, attack damage and attack speed for the primary attributes. For secondary I have movement speed and attack damage buffs for 5 seconds on a critical hit. If you spec priority target to slow on hits instead of homing in you can easily catch people running away and hit those head shots on their slow butts.

I need a more expensive reload speed with a cool down secondary to complete it I think.

It’s so crucial to get that first level fast and with the way support characters run today there’s no real good way to keep up. Instead, I run shard collection for early buildables, attack speed for homing target and Firmware update ISIC for its cool down reduction ability that has a chance to drop 2 seconds off skills on skill use. Having your priority target up regularly and your shield booster ready to clutch heal is a lifesaver.

That said I really like RottenRatPelt’s idea for running the slow gunner. I’d love to know what your best k/d was with that build! My best so far as a homing plasma user is 14 kills and 4 deaths. Not that KD means anything =/

It’s definitely not as good as yours lol. On a recent incursion I went 8 and 3, but I usually lead the team in assists by a good margin. I still play it as a support, but instead of heals I slow, destroy shield’s and buff damage. Works best with that sun priestess to do a bit of healing.

I’ll definitely try that out, it makes sense. Best I’ve done was 11-1 give or take, but it was in capture against a team that was probably complete trash

Well if you run her legendary it already has 6.01% cooldown plus 6.01% heal power. I also run a Purple 15.61% shield pen. plus 3.12 hp regen every second and another purple 33.80% sheild recharge every second plus 11.27% less bulidable cost. Ya I also go for homing her pistol isn’t really that strong unless your really good at headshots.

Does the shield pen stack with the 50% damage you do to shield’s normally with the pulse gun?

I believe so she drains shields pretty fast, especially with conjunction of priortizing targets and homing in on targets.

The shield pen will just also do damage to health while hitting the shield the problem is Reyna is second to Kleese in shield removal her plasma drops shields in 2 hits and if you open with priority target goodbye overshields too.

Cool down reduction, critical hits with pistol, sprint speed with sprint speed under 50%, cc reduction - all good. Attack speed is really only for homing shots honestly, especially when you can fire without overheating.

Shield regen seems useless, more shields seems unnecessary due to how quickly she can heal and reshield. The thing about healing received and healing given is that I’m rarely in a situation where 20% bonus healing (on 350 heals that’s like a burst 420 all told) is better than cool down reduction or attack speed. I really think CC reduction is a staple for any character. Just my humble opinion.

I like the attack speed because I use the slazer mutation quite a bit. You want to get as many rounds out of your pistol as fast as possible for maximum damage before your plasma cools down.

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I think you might have convinced me for Attack Speed.

Combined getting as many homing shots as possible during homing with the bonus damage during over heat, I think I’m going to go with Attack Speed.

Previously, I’ve been running +shields. I can get my shield over 500 :slight_smile:

Yeah, since she can gain 380~ shields every 14 seconds at level 1 it’s not really required to get more shield. There’s no real added benefit - but making her plasma fire faster helps lots of things!

It is 225 at level one. It is increased again at level 8! It takes a while.

I have found the extra shields extremely helpful. The overshield does not last 14 seconds. The found the bonus shields useful. I was unkillable!

You want to balance defense with offense. Too much defense is a waste, I need to find the sweet spot. But I think +shields are really useful for anyone.

225 overshield for 8 seconds every 14 seconds (that’s why I said every 14 seconds) and at level 1 she has a trait to give shield heal of 120 (my bad it’s 345 shield at level 1) so that means if you have no shield you can get 345 shield with every 14 second cast for 8 seconds. Not bad. At 4 she gets a heal of 290 that scales with level! She’s got lots of defense built right in!

You are either confused or explain yourself poorly.

The bonus 120 shield healing does not increase the Overshield. It heals the target’s shield. It only does this if a) they have a shield and b) their shield is not full.

It does not go above 225 until level 8.

She does have lots of defense. I’m pretty sure Attack Speed will be a better option, but +shields is really nice and it is not at all over kill. Extra shields help keep her alive between overshields. It depends on how aggressive you play her. Ideally, I’d like to be able to play her and survive without added defense so that I can get the attack speed.

I run cooldown reduction, damage reduction, and attack speed, spread out on a few items.

You just said literally the same thing I just said.

Your post - I grab gear that gives me over 500 shields.

My post - yeah not really necessary since she can get 380 shields every 14 seconds

Your post - it’s 225 and it doesn’t last 14 seconds

My post - right I never said it lasts 14 seconds and I was including the trait that gives 120 shield heal.

Your post - she gives 120 shield heal - but only if we have a shield.

Ok finally this post - so dude, we were talking about gear and how you picked gear that gave you 500 shield. Well this is unnecessary if you can get 345 (corrected from 380) every 14 seconds. Which part did I explain poorly? I’m now confused.

I use a legendary healing(can’t remember name, does +heals, health regen, and 7% healing received to allies, vyns quiver and a 0 cost 2.1 shards per second with a skill damage negative. Build her around all defense, and slows. Went 26-1, if I could figure out how to get a screenshot I have saved on smart glass to upload on here I would lol.