Reyna Guide to build a support and damage mix

Welcome back to Znoey’s Battleborn Character Guides. In this guide we go over Reyna, the shield with attitude. Reyna has a powerful device on her left arm that can boost allies or demolish her enemies. Be careful what side you’re on when she’s aiming it. Her helix can significantly boost her damage making her a crazy powerful support. Homing plasma shots that deal 50% more damage to shields make her an excellent at starting combat. Sticking with an ally allows you to utilize an infinite amount of plasma pulses with the right helix choices of course.

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Video Breakdown:
Skills: 00:42
Helix: 04:10
Gameplay: 11:23

General build:,-1,0,-1,1,-1,1,-1,-1,-1,

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Interesting build - couple questions:

  1. How do you feel about slazer thermo at level 5 when you take the ability that stops you from generating heat? Since your focus is so heavy on plasma it seems odd to take something for the pistol.

  2. I’ve done some math on the +4 second duration to priority target vs +16% damage and found that even solo the damage is much greater for the +16%. have you considered the alternative of doing 132% damage vs doing 116% longer?

  3. I’m suprised you go with disabling shields. While it is good to have when in close proximity (like on capture maps) I feel the ability itself doesn’t last long enough, what happens if you are too far away? And finally most shields are melted by Reyna, do you really need another way to melt shields when you already do it so well with an off hand attack and skill?

Great video, glad to see more Reyna love!

Hey Thanks for the response!

1.) Because you don’t get the infinite heat until pretty late game. You also can’t have it up 100% of the time. People run and you need to chase or you don’t always have someone to shield. Sometimes your shield gets taken out and you lose failsafe. It’s nice to boost that damage as much as you can when you need it.

2.) Even though it was never about math in the first place. Let’s say you do 100 damage per second. (100 * 1.16 ) * 10 = 1160. (100 * 1.32) * 6 = 792. Let’s account for the extra 4 seconds of damage on the 6 second duration 792 + 400 = 1192. So for 4 seconds you don’t get homing and the damage isn’t much greater. It’s only 32 damage. I’ll happily trade 32 damage for 4 seconds of homing shots on my target. People frequently start running at this stage and without the infinite heat pathway, you’ll hit the heat cap before Priority Target wears out its 10 second duration. Leading us back to #1 where we get the 50% bonus to the laser pistol with the increased damage from priority target.

3.) In the video, i explain that all three talents are really a toss up. I don’t think her ultimate is very powerful at all. So instead I use it as more of a scare tactic for zoning. Less of a damage thing. I always choose this one because in team fights, melting their shields is really intimidating and people tend to flee for a few seconds. I think the same when you can overshield so many allies as well though. I’m even happy adding 4 seconds with a following bubble. Neither of these make or break the ability because IMO it’s too weak to matter. One side note is that if you take the bubble, it forces YOU to zone the area and sometimes that’s not in your best interest (of surviving).

I think that’s all fairly reasonable. I suppose my only concern is that you get infinite plasma at level 5 around mid game, and at level 8 you get failsafe as long as the cooldown for shield booster. So the moment the shield is off you can apply another one. Of course their may be times when suddenly the enemy has melted your shield thus removing it early and making for a bonus from the laser pistol. But to that I say you would still need another 3 seconds of continuous fire to catch back up in heat as it so rapidly decreases. Furthermore each overheat only lasts for long enough to pop off around 4 shots from your pistol. My concern is all this effort for 4 shots that have a 50% damage falloff at mid range just to get that falloff damage back?

I think the flat damage boost might be better than slazer but they are both awful choices. So is the aoe come to think of it - tier 3 is brutal…

32 extra damage may not seem like much but that’s only if Reyna is targeting the opponent. If even one more ally is attacking the opponent the damage and rate of destruction goes much higher. I take the damage increase because it really rips through enemies quicker and I find most folks will run for cover the moment they are marked. Honestly, I think they fear the slow over the homing…

Still it’s a toss up here too, longer lock on is good if they aren’t dead in the first six seconds anyway.

The ht10 ability is another toss up because it’s so damn weak.

That said, good info just wanted your take on these three parts as Inagree with everything else you said and don’t necessarily disagree with your selection here.

Yea i’m wondering if a perma-snare from that other post could be fairly powerful. I had never tried tat build securing kills that way actually sounds OP. The one thing that happens in almost every fight is that someone runs.

I agree that the 18% flat wasn’t that bad anyway. I used it until I got the mutation. Either way the exploding pulses just doesn’t sound that amazing to me. I think ultimately I use the mutation because I always fall back on the pistol when my heat is full.

So we’re talkin about that lvl 8 helix line, and I actually think you hit something on the nail subtly. Calling the Shots mutation that instantly resets that cooldown on enemy death is probably very powerful. One thing for sure is that with a team, the person marked gets melted pretty fast. I usually play with a thorns and I feel like we’re an unstoppable team just the two of us. That cooldown reset sounds really tempting as long as your with team mates who can help secure kills. Of course this competes with the +4 duration to priority target or the +16% more damage.

With coordination instant reset on priority target is borderline broken. Infinite plasma that tracks in every enemy close enough? Thorns blight with slow would be a devastating compliment to that. Lmk if you try it I’d love to see footage of that and I’d love to hear how challenging of easy it was to set up.

I like your build, what gear do you go with typically?

I know a reload speed is helpful, but I can’t but wonder if a healing power item would be good as well, especially if paired with her legendary.

Yeah I’d like more info after you test with a team member

For gear ideally I would use the legendary, reload speed and sprint speed. I just find that reload speed is super helpful or dishing out damage when you’re “at a vulnerable point”. That’s just a personal preference though, I could probably sub out reload speed for healing power and be just as good.

I would never ditch the sprint speed though, I just find that sprinting faster allows you to avoid death more often than not.

I’m hoping tonight me and thorns bud will be online together. I’ll try to grab something of us doing a priority target reset duo.