Reyna is AMAZING!

Can I just thank everyone who was involved in making her, she is such a fun character; she looks awesome, she is such a blast to play as, and her overshields are great.

I played her during the Beta and loved her but haven’t actually picked her up since the game fully released, finally decided to do that today and man, no regrets.

Just wanted to show the leader of the Rogue Faction some love!


not as much cc, damage, or healing as alani though.

Still much more fun to play! And cooler, I ain’t one for the “surfer aesthetic” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am somehow to clumsy to hit anything smaller than a Montana with her,
I don’t know why because I have no aiming problems with any of the other characters.
So she did not made it into the group of characters I normally play.

She is great as long as you have a good tank or pusher her overshields give them that lil extra they need to get the job done. Early game I use her as support only n later games her damage output is just enough to get some kills. I think I’ve only lost like 3 games with her out of 30 or so. The ones I’ve lost are due to bad team composition. When I have the most damage dealt in my team at the end of the game with Reyna you know it was a beat down lol

Reyna is really good at protecting teammates. Marking enemies for death is icing on the cake. Especially if you pick the slow at level 2!
She bumps up quite a bit in strength if you pick the healing at level 4.
But overall, she is one of my favourite supports. Just make sure you do not run off alone!

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Reyna is one of my two mastered characters, and she’s a legit babe, but her reload animation drives me crazy. I keep interrupting the damn thing!

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I do the exact same thing. So annoying. T_T

I’d like to see reload removed from Reyna completely. Also, make her plasma burst AoE helix part of her base secondary and instead give her an option to spread damage done from priority target to nearby enemies.


I hadn’t heard a single praise from anyone about her. I’m happy you’re enjoying her, she’s great at saving the day, when played well. And feeding me when not :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m loving Reyna too and think she’s brilliant as a support character. Tonight I played several games with her and we won all bar 1 and in 2 games I got top score with the most kills. :slight_smile:

Try her with all cooldown items, it’s amazing how much she can end up helping that way.

I adore her, but I kinda hate how she’s lacking in the solo play department. I feel she kinda needs other party members to function properly. I mean, I get that she’s a support, but Alani/Ambra are spectacular solo and Miko can do pretty well too.

Try building right at helix 1, then homing at level 2, then explosion plasma at three… Melts eldrid and benedicts alike, while being easier to hit with reduced cool down if you miss your mark. But yeah, just wait til you unlock her legendary and then try aiming a plasma pulse at your moving teammate… Her pistol angle just takes getting used to