Reyna looks awesome

I’m mostly posting to see if we can actually post in the Rogue subforum, which I suppose I’ll find out when I click the Create Topic button. But, also, Reyna looks badass, and pistols and shielding sound like a perfect combo for how I like to play, often.



'Till now, the whole Rogue faction is.

Ayy LMAO! Rogue!

Will she be playing something similar to Athena from BL: TPS? Or Should be brace ourselves for something really different?

Not that kind of shielding. She uses a pistol and some sort of plasma cannon (?) while giving herself and her allies overshields.

Reyna is my favorite so far, mostly because of her playstyle.
And dat booty.

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I’m sad I didn’t get to play her more only like four times or so.

yes, she is! my kinda of character.


Reyna is my favorite character so far, followed by Ambra and Mellka. She’s amazing if you know what you’re doing with her.