Reyna lore how to make it fun

Ok first this is not what you think, this isn’t another post about how the lore challenges need to be fixed. I know some do but there’s plenty of posts about that.

Anyway I got Reyna to lvl 13 and I’m working on her last lore challenge the 1000 kills with the pistol which is a grind bc its basically a bb gun at this point. At first i was gettin annoyed by it, in pvp you can’t really kill anything with it it does just enough damage to annoy other players n on the minions most of the time you’ll get them down n something else will finish it off. And in pve if you public ill end up with well over 100 assists for the same reasons as pvp. But then I started doing solo missions with her only using the pistol and I’m having so much fun bc this is one of the most challenging things I’ve done in this game so far. The only time I use the other attack is when facing a boss(I want a challenge but I’m not stupid lol) I’ve done three missions like this and I’m still only about halfway to where I need to be but I’m having so much fun doing it I dont even care anymore.

Seriously if you want a challenge try this you’ll either get annoyed at how much it feels like grinding or you’ll love the extra challenge like me

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Yes, this is how I did it too. Solo play, no plasma allowed, Priority Target to soften up bigger enemies and bosses. You get very good at landing critical hits…

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Im currently working on this as well. It’s definitely a challenge but I agree, very fun.

Yes you do I’ve even noticed more of my shots with the pistol are crits in pvp which helps

That’s pretty much what I did. I played missions with lots of Varelsi stalkers, took my time and just headshot them as precisely as I could. I usually spam the pistol shots in a fight but taking the time for each shot actually worked quite well. I normally use more rapid-fire weapons but aiming more carefully with her pistol is a nice change of pace.

i did this but on advanced hardcore and it didnt feel annoying or grindy at all to me did get a bit stale at how unkillable i was since she has a ton of self healing if you spec that way

After making this post I let one of my wife try this out while I was in the shower n now all I got to do is lvl Reyna up to 15 lol

She figured out the Geoff trick where he just keeps spawning minions if u don’t attack him…

Or u can just go to algorithm and kill swarmers in the room after geoff. They spawn infinitely in large amounts and they only have 1 hp. This challenge should take you around 30-40 min.

Yea there’s a couple of different ways I could’ve done it but the way I was doing it was challenging which made it more enjoyable but like I said in my last post my wife figured out the Geoff trick so i now have all of her lore lol(i was trying to avoid tricks like that for this challenge)

Algorithm, ice room before Galactic Emperor, farm little bug spawns. Done in 45 minutes. I am a lazy butt and I am okay with that… sorta :disappointed_relieved: