Reyna Lore Legi stats question

Hello BB elite,
I’ve played quite a few pleasant hours in Battleborn, but only last night did I earn my first lore legendary: Reyna’s Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece. However, my copy of it seems to be… broken?

All the player-database information I’ve read about the Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece indicates it should be -7% cooldown time and +7% heal power. Mine is 6%/6%. Does anyone know why this might be?

For the record, I’ve only completed “The Valkyrie” so far - I haven’t yet gotten Reyna to rank 15 and played a winning match with her yet. Does gaining that final accolade upgrade the legendary to 7%/7% perhaps?

Any help appreciated!

+6% Heal Power / -6% CD are the normalized stats. Every instance of her legendary gear has them. So your item isn’t broken :wink:

Many sources on the web list character-specific Legendary items with the max value of Major Gear affixes.
An epic Item (with two Major stats), would look like this at max stats:


Just to clarify: Nothing like this exists in the Game. Unlocking all Lore gives the char-specific Legendary and getting to Level 15 unlocks a taunt.
Finishing a game you started (!) at Char rank 15 and having the complete Lore unlocks the Master Title.

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Thanks muchly. So, if I understand correctly, 6%/6% is the stat norm for Reyna’s legi? All copies of the item have these stats?

Yes. All lore legendaries have the exact same stats as others of their kind. With the exception of Alani’s lore legendary (which, for some reason, is full stats; cue “Alani is OP!” complaints), lore legendaries have ~85% of the max stat possible for that piece of gear (which, given the ease at acquiring other legendaries after the drop rate increase, kind of begs the question, since the only reason I could see lore legendaries having sub-max stats is that they’re “easier” to get than normal legendaries).

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I think the plan with lore legis was to have them change the character somewhat. I’m not quite sure it worked out that way. Reyna’s is actually probably the most potent game-changer I can think of offhand, since it changes her from a semi-competent healer at best (all the other supports, even Kleese, will out-hel her over time since they can either heal steadily or burst for a much higher HP boost) to potentially one of the top-output healers in the game, if she can consistently hit her friendlies with plasma pulses. Most of the rest of the lore legis seem to just enhance the game of a character rather than changing it (ex: Cal’s lore legi makes you want to… use Aerial Assault more, I guess? Ambra’s makes the staff more… staff-y? Kelvin gets an extra chomp if he misses. Rendi gets more SFP damage if she misses. Etc. Well - technically I guess if you were gutsy with Rendi, you could deliberately whiff SFP as long as you had great cooldown to fire one again swiftly to take advantage of the 30% damage boost).

Anyway, thanks for the info.

Edit: For the record, I agree, lore legis should definitely have the top possible stats for their affixes. They’re intended to be the signature piece of a character’s gear, they should be awesome squared.

You don’t need reynas legendary to be potent healer, infact, i don’t even use it and i have more healing done than 99% of the healers i meet, even miko’s, thing is, either kleese or miko need to be near their target to heal them, reyna can heal you from severeral dozen meters, as long as she has visual contact she can heal you!
I’d vote for a rework of her legi, the effect is pretty nice but i barely see anyone who is trying to recharge overshields with the plasma, she’s got the helix skill “the best defense”, and this is IMHO her number one philosophy, unlike (for example) miko, she doesn’t need to go full defence to ensure her full healing potential, she can enter any brawl aslong as theres a teammate involved and can heal and support while she is in combat, her only weakness ( like nearly every hero) is CC, but even then, if they stun me, they’ll have to kill me, my specops watch gives me additional cooldown reduction as soon as i get CC’d.
Long story short, if you maximize your damage output you won’t need her healing helix option, if you encounter an enemy player look for a teammate and burst the enemy down together, no healing needed if they die before they can reach their full potential!

I thought about something like “If you Shield an Ally, it’ jump over to all allys in a 5m radius” or something like that, if you could manage to shield up 2 teammates simultanously if they are near each other, that would be LEGEN-waitforit-DARY!

She basically does get that! At Helix 10 with mutation (Huddle Up), you can shield and buff the whole team with Photonic Ward.

I know, but only if the team is near you, and reyna is excluded, she’s the only one who doesn’t get the shield with huddle up, oh well, od course the killing CD makes it a good move but its too slow for a real handy purpose