Reyna question (PS4 specific)

Hello all,

I play on PS4, and while my normal support character is Miko (super easy to use), I’m also very fond of the Valkyrie, Reyna.

What I’ve noticed is that if I’m running a raid (mission) solo, when I use her Shield Booster, I just immediately get a shield myself (as though I’d given one to someone else). However, when in any group, I actually have to target another team member to receive a shield in order to get one myself.

Is there any way, in a group setting, for Reyna to immediately shield herself? Sometimes you need that moment of survivability and just can’t reach a teammate. Obviously in ideal circumstances you’re never far enough away for this to be a real issue, but… the best-laid battle plans rarely survive the first shot. In other words, the real world is not ideal circumstances.

I’ve tried clicking the button twice, and holding the button and pressing primary fire. Neither seems to work. What am I missing?

Any help appreciated!

This isn’t really platform-specific, its just a mechanic of her Shield Boost skill to even allow solo play.
In single player, there are no teammates to target. So instead of having a useless skill, you can apply the Shield Boost directly to yourself.

In any group, you will have to shield an ally to get an Overshield yourself (via her Failsafe passive).


Hmm… I swear I read here that (on PC) you could click the key twice and get it even without a teammate present (when playing in a group). That’s why I was trying a double-press on the skill key.


When I’ve played Reyna in the past I NEEDED another teammate to gain any kind of overshield. Granted, I haven’t played Reyna in a while. When did they change that or did I just totally not realize I could do that?

I think that is how it works. Thanks!

As far as I’m aware, only playing solo story with Reyna enables you to shield herself with no one else around, as the skill specifically reads that it shields an ally and herself. It works In solo story because if not she would only have 2 skills to use, but if you’re grouped with at least 1 other it will only fire on a teammate.