Reyna suggestion

I have mastered almost all of the support characters, and Reyna needs some help.

My quickest suggestion would be to move her first ‘actual’ healing ability to helix level 1… Helix 4 is ridiculous. Reduce cooldown a couple seconds as well.

Also, let her self-friggen-cast her shield. Its embarrassing that all the other classes can heal themselves, shield boost themselves, etc - but she cant do anything.

Kleese can’t

I really like Reyna, she’s the first character that I mastered. :slight_smile:

Personally I play her a little more aggressively so I never use Vital Protocol (When a Shield Booster overshield is applied, it instantly restores a portion of the wearer’s health. +250 Health) at level 4. I always choose The Best Defense (Each Shield Booster overshield increases all damage dealt by the wearer until it expires or greaks. +16% Damage Amplification). Giving more damage to a team member who I’ve shielded who is likely attacking IMO is a better option, plus Reyna herself also gets the damage boost.

As for shield casting, it’s fine as it is. She is a support character and this encourages Reyna users to support team members rather than ignoring them and just shielding themselves.

I’d say to keep at it with her, she really is a great support but it took me a while to really get the hang of her (like rank 11, for reals). The thing I find is you really need to attach yourself to the people on your team who are landing the most kills.

Personally, I don’t think the healing helix needs to be moved nor is it usually my favorite to take. If there’s no other support on the team I’ll take it sometimes as healing can help keep people in lane or survive an attack. However, I usually prefer to take the damage buff option there. Your goal as Reyna is to help secure kills. So shield your buddy, give him a damage buff, and then mark his target. Wham bam, they’re dead, you get a nice assist. I’ve had games where I’ve assisted in the majority of the kills my team has gotten.

I don’t know about self-casting the shield. I can’t think of a particular reason to object to this as Alani can self-heal, but I don’t think Reyna needs it either. As Reyna I like to be hanging back behind my teammates so I tend to stay out of the thick of things.

I’d say the biggest thing about Reyna that needs tweaking is her ult, it’s pretty underwhelming. Doesn’t last long, too many attacks can get around it (Blight, Shadow Pillar, etc) and people can always just waltz right in and melee you to death.

I guess most of my complaints are for story mode, when you’re the only support on a team, and 4 people are running around thinking you can heal - and you cant - its awful.

I totally agree to jmorales20, i too prefer the damage buff over the heal, its only an option when i’m the only healer/supporter, for the rest of the time i’m staying between melees and snipers, never the most forwarded of my team.
IMO every team profit from an agressive reyna, more than one who is completely into healing,,-1,0,-1,-1,-1,1,1,-1,0,

Check my build, you’ll mention some really neat damage buffs, my mate plays thorn, so i can give you an proven working example:

Me (Reyna) and my mate (Thorn) encounter an enemy, mate gets overshield, we both do 16% more damage, enemy gets prio, additional +32% damage, shoot homing pulse cannon (level 2 helix for homing, level 7 helix option Pulse Cannon deals 18% more damage) until it overheats, which causes your lasergun to deal 50% more damage (level 3 helix Mutation), with level 9 you can stretch overshield damage from 8 to 14 seconds, which basically means that (if the overshield is not depleted by enemys!) You have an 14 second damage buff, if you have an cooldown reduction gear item you can re-overshield your mate before it runs out, if we both stay defensive and let the melees clash around in the middle we have nonstop overshield damage buff, on lvl 10 theres an mutation where you, if you launch your ulti, give all allys who are in the bubble an overshield, if you did your build like mine, and get to shield all your teammates at once, all 5 players get the overshield you usually shoot on 1 mate, so, 5 players get an overshield which buffs their damage for 14 seconds, theres no healer (i’ve mastered miko too!) Who can do anything about this