Reyna tuning - not buffs so much as QOL fixes

I’m going to scrawl the mystic sigils of incanting into the top of this post in the hopes they draw nigh the eyes of the mighty: @Jythri! @JoeKGBX! Verily do I summon thee!

This is a repost of something I left in your Improvements thread on the Battleborn Reddit. Though it’s quieter, I actually like your local forums here better sometimes… besides which, more exposure is hopefully better. Here are my tuning suggestions for Reyna, the Valkyrie of Solus.

  • Adjust last few frames of her reload animation to be uninterruptible (once she has begun to run the action on the pistol). As things stand, if the player inputs any interrupts before she fully runs the action and resets the pistol to firing position, the entire reload is cancelled (which is kind of crazy, since we just watched her put in a new magazine!). Please adjust so that there’s less manual delay in reloading.

  • The Priority Target projectile should seek the most dangerous target in view, rather than just the closest. This is especially true if the player is trying to get the high-value target, by arcing the shot up or with lateral angle. If there’s a couple of minions and an enemy Battleborn in view when you fire, the projectile should never seek the minions over the Battleborn. PvP seek priority should be Battleborn, Giant Minion, Thrall Mercenary, Shepherd, Minion. PvE seek priority should follow a similar heuristic (boss, miniboss, high-threat normal enemy, peon enemy).

  • I also second the motion (forwarded by Redditors) to reduce cast time on her Ult by a few frames (.25 to .5 sec reduction).

  • (Edited in) One more: When casting Photonic Ward with Huddle Up (Helix 10 mutation), Reyna should get an Overshield Booster (since she’s an ally, and she’s obviously in range).

Thanks Gearbox Team for all you do!

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I like your other ideas (that reload cancel is infuriating), but this particular idea would REALLY mess up my strategy/game to the point where Reyna would just make me angry to use.

I absolutely would not want the game to prioritize my…priority target (PT from now on).

I’ll use meltdown as an example as it’s easiest to describe. While it can be frustrating to have PT lock onto a mini minion, I will absolutely, 100% of the time, unequivocally choose the Shepherd bot to PT and kill first (unless a nuisance BB is on the edge of death. I’ll try to chase them off first). The Shepherd bot casts overshield. That overshield makes the small minions and surrounding BB even tougher to kill as everyone now has overshields. Not to mention the fact that killing Minions is the objective, not killing the other BB. Minions in 99.9% of cases should take precedence over a BB. HOWEVER, there is that .1% chance that I will want to PT a Marquis or Thorn to try and scare them out of their perch so they don’t make my life too hard trying to clear out their minions. I need the freedom to choose that.

If there is a giant minion heading to Minrec, unless a rival BB close to death is escorting it, I will always PT the minion over the BB. The BB is simply a distraction to deal with AFTER the giant minion (aka the objective) has been dealt with.

In PVE, if I’m fighting a boss and a spawn spike drops, I need the freedom to be able to apply a PT on that spike to tear its shields down as opposed to having it go lock onto the boss. I don’t care about the boss at that point. I care about denying the spawn of additional mobs and getting overwhelmed. Not to mention, if the team does not xommunicate via chat (Xbox - no typing option) the giant arrow is a great indicator whee fire should be focused.

Tl;dr: it’s not a “priority target” if I can’t prioritize it. :acmjk:

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I respect it!