Reyna's Over Shield broken?

IS Reyna’s overshield ability supposed to function the way it currently is? I played her a lot in the CTT and she was amazing. Now it seems I am struggling to buff teammates with the overshield. The “lock on” period is horrible and even the second it takes is too long, I find myself missing teammates with it half of the time.

Preach brother, preach. I’ve noticed it as well. You have to hold down her ability button until a lock on is achieved and then release. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Especially frustrating when trying to shield a team mate jumping and running trying to shake someone about to kill them. No rescuing in that situation.

I know exactly what you mean its harder than shooting enemies lol, you have to wait for that lock on and even then your team sometimes breaks LoS and you start over. It needs to be reset to the way it functioned in CTT for sure.

So I’ve only played her on early access beta on PC, it might be different on PS4? She’s my favorite and most played support character and I didn’t even know it needed time to lock on or something? I was just aiming it at the target and shooting, exactly like I was shooting her pulse weapon/alt fire, and didn’t have any issues applying the shield where I wanted it. Maybe forget trying to get it to lock-on unless you really need it and just shoot it like you’d shoot an enemy with your alt fire.

You almost have to lock on. It is way too sensitive compared to something like Miko’s heal beam or Ambra’s ghost buster beam. I have better luck snipe with the plasma cannon than I do shielding a team mate. I can see having to lock on to someone far away, but if there is someone in close vicinity you should be able hit the ability and it just work. It feels much harder to lock on to team mate that’s really close to you than it should be.

In the options menu on PC, I selected ‘instant’ for skill activation, rather than ‘quick’ and whatever is default. It activates as soon as you press the button, to wherever you’re currently aiming, which would be your team mate for the sheild. Like I said, I didn’t even know it had or needed a lock on and had no trouble applying it.


It is unfortunate that the same moves your teamates are doing to avoid enemy fire are also causing them to avoid your overshield attempts.

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Indeed. That’s why I think the overshield function is currently too finicky. I can understand the lock on for distant targets or for me making sure I’m shielding the correct team mate in a big scrum, but I should be able to hit the activation button and it just works in close vicinity.

Go to Options > Gameplay and change the Skill activation to instant and there is no lock on time. Albeit you have to be sure you’re aiming at who you want to shield, this is much easier with hip-fire aim assist off (Which tbh I recommend turning that off but keep iron-sight aim assist on, trust me it’ll save you from a lot of frustration with every character)

Edit: This can be done on Ps4


The issue isnt the settings. The issue is the shield functioned much better, much more user friendly in the CTT than it seems to be functioning now. Reyna is not an OP character and was not an OP character in the CTT it seems to be broken, or got a highly unnecessary nerf.

The setting completely gets rid of the “lock on” period you’re complaining about and makes it as user friendly as looking at an ally and tapping L1. I don’t know what else you want from it.

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Im guessing you havent played as Reyna too much, or did not play her in the CTT. The ability misses all the time even when there are friendly targets nearby, and in front of you. Although I will change the settings and try again tonight to see if it makes a difference, but I shouldnt have to do this, it worked much better before, and it becomes a pain to switch setting based on what character you are playing.

I find instant is the best option for every character. It reduces the risk of your ability being interrupted while aiming it (as pulls/knockups/stuns reset the cd even if you’re holding L1 down to aim if you have it on quick or after you first press L1 if you have it on the default)

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I feel that is another issue that should be resolved. An interrupt before you actually use an ability should not put the ability on cooldown.

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I totally agree.

In general I agree, although Reyna’s overshield doesn’t have cooldown unless you hit with it (thank god!)

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I haven’t been having much trouble applying overshield to my allies given that some times I do miss it a few times before applying.
Another thing that might help with the problem of locking on target is that you can switch the skills to an either Quick or Instant mode of using it with the former being used as soon as you release the trigger and the latter as soon as you press the button. I haven’t tried like that as I haven’t had much problems with it, but I’m guessing it may solve the problem of locking on since you only need to have your ally on your crosshair to apply?
Hope this helps.

Quick is actually a mix between instant and standard. You can hold down to line up a lock on or just tap the button for an instant cast.

On instant you don’t have chance to enter the “lock aiming” mode and on Standard you can’t instant cast.

Quick is definitely the best mode to play on.

I think the frustration just come from the fact that often you only have one or two to land the overshield before you or your target bite it.

Overall it work fairly well, just annoying to use on small and highly mobile characters.

I think a large part of this issue is, when you use it without quick cast, and miss, you have to go back through the animation of bringing it back up and trying again. For a quick fix, once you use your LB or L1 and the targeting reticle comes up, it doesn’t go down until you hit a character, or just flat out cancel it. I like quick cast on computers, but it’s too hard for me to use on consoles, so I think maybe this would work. Thoughts?