Reyna's Plasma Burst

Hey Reyna Fans!!!

Anyone else try out her plasma burst and your thoughts about it? I should have taken a video but even with the buff I still feel like it needs more. When hitting a wave it basically only hits about 3 minions in it (which i can easily do that with my pistol) and when it impacts the ground it doesn’t give off any splash damage (it should give off the same AOE splash radius as KU’s rockets). Until those 2 things get fixed I don’t think the Lv 3 Plasma burst would be a good choice unfortunately.

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Its use lies in easily tagging minions and hurting overshielded waves. Unfortunately, like you said, the AoE is pretty small. Even with an AoE buff, I’d still argue the superiority of the other options, simply because it isn’t Reyan’s job to be clearing waves.

The AOE is outrageously small. I have managed to hit only two minions when they were standing almost on top of one another. Needs buff.

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Reyna has a hard time tagging waves vs an other support since they have better lane tagging mechanics and they have helix choices that they can pick to further increase it.

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