Reyna's reload issue or nah?

Is it just me and possibly the number of adult beverages I have drank while playing as Reyna or does Reyna have an issue with her reload? (also played her numerous times while drinking only the H20)

It seems like it is super sensitive. I have noticed the animation and sound effects dont seem to line up perfectly and for a clip that is that small she should be able to reload much faster. I can not count the number of times where I had to reload multiple times in order for her to actually do it.

PS. I want her gauntlet to do a big rocket splash damage like KU or Benny or even ernest.

It seems that the reload animation finishes before the actual clip is reloaded. I find that I often have to reload twice because I judge when the mag is full by looking at Reyna’s actions instead of the clip bar next to her health. Because I think the mag is full, I then cancel the rest of the animation to (try to) save time, only to press the fire button again, and instead find myself sitting through the animation all over again.


I’m hopeless at this.

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Mhm this used to happen to me a lot :confused: is frustrating.

Glad I am not alone in this… I try to keep my eyes up though

What did you to to correct this? Just wait? Or play someone else?

Got used to it… Is not perfect, i still hate the animation reload.

I use the mutation, higher heat higher bullet dmg so i spam plasma then shoot like 2 bullets, spam more plasma followed by bullets

Les reloading and more dmg.

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See I tend to not take this Helix choice because the heat cools down so fast, but it does work as you said it would, thanks for the advice

I have to take reload speed gear on her because I’m impatient and for some odd reason it stops me doing the reload cancel. I guess I’m just tricking myself into thinking the animation plays faster. xD

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Well the plasma pulse aoe sucks so bad i dont used since they “fixed” the double healing on her legendary.

Tried the extra dmg on her gun but i hate her reload so i tried the middle and is usefull, hard to do it right the first time, specially if u are impatient like me.

But 6 bullets become 12 and a rly rly nice dmg output for her. Break a shield followed by bullets and more plasma.

Carefull wity no heat when oshielded… You screw all the idea if you go that path…

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Ya to me, it’s the only helix to choose at level 3. I tend to use the homing plasma, to guarantee my plasma is doing damage and is bringing down their shields so my increase damage with Blazer works great, especially if I’m landing crits.

Do y’all go with the slow instead? I like to sometimes to help melee characters catch their target.

And to OP, ya Reyna’s reload is definitely weird at times. I sometimes run Reload gear on her, which seemed to help, but otherwise it’s just something I got used to. I actually prefer an Attack Speed boost over Reload, she just shoots so dang slow.

Depends on who is on my team and what I am playing against. I like both options of homing and slow, but its homing if more ranged and slow if more melee.

I dont like the slow… Unless i see characters weak to slow like benedict, el dragon, melka, caldarius, deande.

I use homing plasma to finish runers. I dont always use priority target right away. If you do, they feel the dmg increase and flee sooner. If you use it when they have low hp they get melted faster, reducing their chances to react and escape ( to late my friend).

I know this is not the fix, but try to look at how many bullets you have instead of looking at the animation. Yeah it sucks, because you are taking your eyes off of the middle of the screen for a bit but… Honestly, it’s the thing that works best for me.

On my connection, every character with a clip is exactly like this. Nothing much for it but to get a sense of the “real” reload time and ignore what you see the hands in front of you doing. Glancing at the UI until you’ve got the timing helps.

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It’s a little out of sync. Try it in single player, and open your helix menu (which slows everything down) while reloading - it’s very clear.

Ya I need to adopt a slightly assassin mentality with her, I used to be better at that. She was my first support that I mained for awhile, and then I took a long break and just picked her back up.

I tend to mainly harass and cause people to retreat, I’ve always been a very objective based player and sometimes that can be counter-productive, so I probably should wait longer on using my priority target.


I’m happy to say I never ran into this issue. However I did run into the issue of after firing pistol shots and quickly switching to plasma shots, no plasma shots come out even though it shows the animation. It’s like if her plasma shot battery died. This glitch has been there since release

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Thanks everyone for their input! There are lots of good ideas to work around the issue, but basically I think we can all agree that she has one of the smallest clips in the game minus rockets, and she has one of the longest reload times. Seriously as a leader she should be the best trained and quicker.

We all know that her plasma shots need more power or splash damage to them. And thanks to this discussion we can agree that her reload is also an issue Hopefully these issues will be addressed in the future.



If she flat out isn’t gonna have an AOE (lv 3 helix is still not good enough), I think there should be a small buff to her laser pistol fire rate and reload speed.

Her gun has a design flaw, lore wise i guess it makes sense how slow it is.