Reyna's Shield Drain Lore

You know, the one where you gotta drain 150 shields with plasma pulse? HOW DO I DO THAT QUICKLY?

Is there a PvE mission I could farm for a huge chunk of it? I’m sitting at around 51/150 after a few games with her. I seem to only average like 6 drains per game…it’s annoying.

Any tips would also be appreciated on how to get this done as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Play in The Algorithm and strip the shields from enemies there. It’s easier to do solo as there won’t be anyone else stripping the shields before you can.


I thought about this, but how many can I potentially get from a single run? 20+ on average or less than that? Because that still sounds pretty low and would still require about 5 or so runs.

P.S If you strip an enemy’s shield and let it recharge again, and strip it again, does that count? I’m guessing that’s what the Bulwark suggestion was about?

Yeah, I realized that just before your post (as I stated on the post above). Bulwarks are dangerous creatures though and would that truly be faster than running through the Algorithm 5-7 times? I do have about 100 more to complete that lore, and stripping the shield and waiting for it to recharge 100 times seems tedious.

Also, as asked above, would that count? Stripping the shield of the same target? Also, what if I strip it away before it recharges to full, would that still count or do I have to wait till they’re at full shields?

Thanks again for the suggestion. I’ll see if I try the Experiment out at least once and do as you said until the Bulwarks die…if I got a huge increase in a reasonable time I’ll do it for whatever I’m missing.

I really dislike tedious tasks like these.

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I did this one in Meltdown.

I used Priority Target to single out a minion (or battleborn) and used the auto target to drain it. Chose every option that increased pulse’s damage.

Not going to lie, I didn’t help my team out much those games, but the lore went by very quickly.

Wow, just did it in one go on the Experiment, Thanks for the heads up! Now I have mastered her and can play her right rather than spamming plasma pulse for lore woo!

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This has been a timely thread, because it’s one of the few things I have left to do on Reyna myself. So, thanks for asking the question!


Melt down, Ernest attack speed, no over heat when overshielded just make you a plasma pulse monsters.

No problem buddy. Lol
Just go find the bulwarks after the first defense point, drain its shield then wait till it begins to charge and blast it with pulse to drop it again, rinse and repeat. Since it usually took 1 pulse to drain as soon as it start charging, it went by quickly.

Pro Tip: You don’t actually need to empty entire Shield bars with Plasma, just the final shot that breaks the Shield has to be Plasma Pulse for it to count towards the lore.
I found it much easier that way, especially in regards to managing the Plasma Pulse heat buildup.

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Question though, do you need the Shield Sapper helix for this lore or is it possible without it?

No helix need3d, you just need to press her plasma pulse