Reynas slow ability

Reyna can use her priority target to slow you down for 3 seconds but it feels a lot longer than that do the shots you land after priority target stack the slow in some way?

Priority targets 16% more damage debuff lasts for 6 seconds and the ht2 slow pick makes it so if you hit an enemy marked by priority target it is slowed for 3 seconds that means if she is constantly shooting you you could be slowed for up to 9 seconds at best.


Or if you take the increase priority duration, i suppose at max you could snare someone for 13 seconds. I wonder what the rules are for perma-snare. Since priorities cooldown is only 12 seconds.

Oh, yeah it does, one of the best slows in the game!

It’s ok, but requirement heavy. Great for slowing and telegraphing to your party a weak target for them to take out and leans heavily on her supporter role but damn do I prefer homing when I can get it XD

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Yea, but if you are shooting for 13 seconds straight you will most likely kill your target before perma snare becomes a possibility.

Requirement heavy?

The requirement is that you use an ability on them and shoot them… seems pretty easy to me since I do that with every character that has a gun.

The homing is terrible, her off-hand doesn’t do as much DPS as her pistol and it’s just an ability to make up for aiming… More DPS and a slow = much better than lazy aiming on a poor damaging ability.

I like the slow but it puts you in the front lines which is not where you want to be with her. I usually find myself following the target to keep the slow applied and if my team is not on the same page you can easily find yourself surrounded.

I think I know what he means. Read my reply to him above

Why would you feel the need to follow the target? The slow already applies for 3 seconds even off of one pistol hit, which is what every other slow that I know of applies, and the pistol is more than accurate enough to hit at almost any range.

I throw marks and slows on anyone I see a teammate near… I certainly don’t have to chase the person that’s marked into a bad situation.

And especially after you get her cooldown helix option, there’s no need to chase anyone anywhere, just slow someone and throw another overshield.

Her whole kit is designed for you to give someone a drastic advantage in a 1v1 situation… you should always be looking for a fight between a teammate and an enemy, giving your teammate an HP advantage, and your enemy a mobility/damage increase disadvantage. If you’re chasing marked targets instead of staying over the shoulder of your front line/DPS then you’re out of position and playing poorly.

Her tracking shot does less to this end than the slow.

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Here is the situation. My team is pushing in to a point, let’s say overgrowth on incursion. They are at the wall near the stairs on the first sentry. They have bots in front of them, tanks and melee characters trying to push them back as they try to make progress through the bottleneck. Behind the tanks and melee enemies the ranged enemies are taking pot shots at my team.

Now I have a couple choices. I can mark the tank in front of me and try to get a continuous clean hit with the slow hopefully avoiding the bots and the other unmarked character and hope I don’t get in the cross hairs of marques. Most decent front lines players will realize they have been marked and tactical retreat from the battle and hide behind bots and teammates.

Or I can try to wade through the crowd target the ranged marques to prevent him from picking off my team.

Or I’m on overgrowth on defense. I go up to the perch. Shield a teammate. Mark an enemy with from the perch area. Shoot them a few times with slow before they hide behind one of the many walls. Do i follow to try to get the angle? Probably not.

Either way I’m no longer behind the team.

Yea. If you happen to catch an enemy by themselves trying to get some shards or attack a turret, yea easy peasy, slow them down, take them out. But honestly that’s really only going to happen with an overly confident rath or a Benedict trying to swipe some shards.

In my experience most decent teams don’t allow themselves to be caught all in the open so I can continuously apply slow.

Edit: also FYI slow varies any where from 1 second in the case of Benedict to 6 seconds in the case of Phoebe. I just remember you mentioning it’s 3 seconds for everyone.

All of your reactions involve you stepping out of position… all of your reactions are wrong.

In that same situation, my reaction first off isn’t going to be nearly as long of a decision making process… I’m going to address the first individual I see engaged in combat with my teammate.

Assuming this is the tank in front of me, he’ll get the mark. The Marquis is not my concern, unless he’s called out by a teammate focus-firing him, in which case I’ll turn the corner and depending on my angle to him, I may or may not mark him. If I mark him at all though, it’s because he’s ALREADY ENGAGED by a teammate calling for support on him.

If I DO mark that tank (which is the most likely scenario) and he retreats, that’s a win. I’ve forced him back. The ability goes on cooldown and comes back to force him back again. I’m not going to EVER chase him to get a continual slow on him, but if he chooses to stay and fight my teammate, I will throw the slow on him. If my teammate backs up, I back up WITH HIM, staying behind and over his shoulder… that’s where Renya goes, just behind the shoulder of a teammate.

I’m certainly NEVER going to try to “wade through the crowd” after Marquis. That’s not a support’s role. That’s out of position. That should result in your death.

The point you’re missing is that if at any point you’re in front of your team, you have screwed up. This is not just a shooter, it’s a MOBA and MOBAs are all about positioning… where you belong in the team fight. Reyna does not belong chasing kills, that’s what the assassins are for. She does not belong holding the front line. She belongs behind both of those classes throwing abilities that help them accomplish their goal.


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I see now…

You play in a premade team where ppl are actually calling things out. What I normally encounter is a group made of random not communicating.

Also, if it’s just about marking the tank and making him retreat I find the homing to be more beneficial BC if you are behind your team, as you should be, yea you might get the slow off but you are not adding any damage. With the homing you can angle it correctly to the point that the opponent has to retreat even further to get out of range.

Also regarding the marques situation. Like i said, I don’t have a premade team and often time if I don’t take it upon myself and proactively engage him at range to chase him off he will kill my tanks, especially melee tanks before they even realize it. In the thick of battle most of those guys don’t even realize they are getting sniped. Not that I’m trying to go all fps Rambo and get kills but I do try to play overwatch and look for enemies my team may have missed.

I know that she is support but she does have the ability to step out from time to if necessary. I think that’s why one helix is “team leader” and the other is “lone wolf”. Sometimes you have to engage those that can’t be reached and I’m sure you know few things are more dangerous to your team than a hidden sniper. Homing allows me to mark the sniper and chase it off from a safe distance.

At least that my opinion. Everyone doesn’t and shouldn’t play the same.

Even if I’m not in a pre-made team that does not change where my role lies, and if I’m not in a pre-made team, I’m still in voice chat. That does not effect how I will react at all, I would still address the front-line issue because I’m not wasting my abilities on a back-line sniper unless I KNOW that he is being attacked. Reyna’s abilities buff teammates and debuff enemies, they should be used on enemies and teammates in combat. If that sniper isn’t actively being attacked, it’s a waste of my abilities. If I’m only debuffing him for me to try to go kill him, I’m not filling my role.

The point is not to add damage or to get kills, it’s to help your teammates win their fights, by keeping them alive, and giving their enemies a disadvantage.

The slow does this better, it lets your DPS (who is dealing MUCH more damage than you) stick to their target, whether it helps a melee keep hitting, or a shooter stay on target. Slowing an enemy and keeping them in melee range of a Rath, for instance, is going to do MUCH MORE DAMAGE than you getting auto-damage from the tracking helix. The difference in damage from the pistol to her secondary attack is almost negligible as well, so if you can hit your pistol, you’re doing about the same damage anyway, so it doesn’t even help your DPS.

The only advantage either option gives you is in helping guarantee more of the same DPS on a target… except the slow option ALSO lets your teammates guarantee more damage, and they will almost all deal more damage than you.

If you want to address ranged snipers, then you’re not filling your role (buffing teammates, debuffing enemies) if you’re being forced to address ranged snipers, then someone on your team (your ranged DPS) is not doing their job, or your team comp is bad for not having a solution for this. Now, I’m not saying ignore him, if you need to mark and throw some damage at him, then do it, but you certainly should not abandon your positioning in order to do so, or you’re screwing up your job now, and if your ranged DPS is screwing up his job, and now the support is screwing up his job, then about half your team isn’t doing what they need to be doing and you’re screwed.

If everyone on your team does their job in that engagement, your tank will be fine, your ranged DPS will run off the sniper, you will buff his health and keep him alive, the enemy tank will be de-buffed and at a disadvantage, and your tank can get to work.
If nobody does their job then your tank is being sniped, he has no overshield increase, his enemy isn’t slowed or taking increased damage, and your tank is screwed. You leaving your tank to chase a sniper is not going to help him.


Those are all fair points…

It also seems you are having much more luck on the mic with random than me BC I can probably count on one hand the people that seem to listen to any strategy.

Now, regarding this situation…

I would disagree with this. I think a marques that ISN’T being attacked is even more of a reason to step in and Mark him. If he is scoped in hitting easy head shots he is doing way more damage than my shield can keep up with. He is also probably doing more damage to my tank than what my tank is doing to my slowed target.

I know this is just a difference of strategy but I have found that if I don’t do something about the snipers, especially if the rest of the team is unable to its in the teams best interest to keep him occupied. I have to shift to a slightly more offensive position. The homing allows me to keep my postion behind my teammate , keep the shield up and destract the sniper so its not picking apart my team.

Not saying you are wrong but that’s just my call in that situation.

as I’ve explained though, if you’re doing this, you’re stepping out of your character’s role (where she excels) to fill someone else’s role (where she does not excel)

Yes, you may need to do this, yes you can cross-over into another role, but she’s not going to be good at it.
If you’re having to do this, then the team comp is off, or someone else is not doing their job. If you’re regularly choosing to actively try to do this though, then you’re leaving your role instead of letting someone else do theirs. You’re not a sniper, you won’t dump enough DPS on him to end him, You’re not an assassin, you won’t be able to pull/push him into a bad position, or chase him to finish him off, you’re a support, at best you’ll pop his shield and make him back up a little. You could make a big impact in a 1v1 for a teammate, or you can make a small impact in the enemy team’s sniper output.

And your auto-targeting really won’t do much against a good marquis, since he’ll always be hugging a piece of cover anyway.

Now, of course, all of that goes out the window if anyone on your team actually IS attacking that marquis… but, like I pointed out earlier, if that’s the case then the mark target and one bullet to slow him will do much more than your auto-locking left-hand shots.

Maybe marking him urges your teammates to address him, but it’s not likely. I cannot stress enough, if you’re a support and you’re spec’ing to try to chase long range kills, or actively trying to engage targets just because they’re being left alone, then you are NOT doing your job. You are actively reducing the team’s effectiveness.

I forgot to address that.

This is a problem with the game itself. The unlocking system already puts some players at a disadvantage with their available character options. Add on top of that the gear load out and the helix level unlocks a lot of players only really play with one or two characters.

That leads to a situation that as soon as character selection begins they rush to their character to prevent someone else from snatching it up with no regard for team composition.

You assume that we even have a ranged DPS. A player that plays gal and doesn’t get her, probably has a rath as a back up. At no point are the going to go to an oscar Mike or calderus (if they even have them.)

I think that’s the issue with your strategy. You are making assumptions about team compositions skill level and ability or willingness to communicate.

I’ve found I often have to improvise to fill in the gaps. My ranged DPS may not be on the team or just be dead. My tank hasn’t or won’t withdrawal and is already engaged in battle. Now if I don’t do something about that sniper even if he somehow kills the guy he is fighting, the sniper will kill him. I feel my best option is to shield my teammate and try to get the cross hairs off of him. Sometime I have to just stick in there even if my teammate might be making a tactical mistake. It’s better I give him a fighting chance than to abandon him or let him keep getting popped in the head. At least with my shield he has a decent chance of winning that 1v1 over the 1v1 + sniper.

Edit: sorry about all the typos

I agree with this.

That’s just an optimal team situation which I don’t usually find myself in but I do agree your strategy is solid if everything is working as it should.

Okay, so we’re getting into team comp/teamwork aspects of matchmaking here… so, let’s start at the top.

If you’re still playing with people who auto-lock their “faves” then you’re playing with bad people… realize that at the draft screen. A team comp in this game HAS to fill 4 major roles: Ranged DPS for wave clear, Melee DPS for CC, A tank to hold the front line, and a support to keep everyone in their positions. You should always have at least two melee and two ranged damage characters just as a general idea of what you’re looking for (of course there are cross-over characters and exceptions) If your team is missing any of these roles, you’re going to suffer, so pick into what the team needs.

If your team is auto-locking their “favorites” then your team is going to suffer. You, at the very least, should never be the one doing this. That said, usually the most class which can be left out the easiest from those roles is the support. Without a support, you still have DPS, you still have wave clear, you still have CC, you just have to back up to regen health periodically.

You should not be playing Reyna if you don’t have the other three aspects covered. Period. That’s a bad pick.
EVERYONE who plays this needs to have a character in all 4 of those groups that they can play. And I’ll give you a hint, the starting 5 characters can all EASILY cover those positions, so it has nothing to do with who you have unlocked.

When I queue solo, I am the last person to pick, because I pick to balance the team comp as best as I can. There’s a reason that even with tons of solo queues I still have an %80 win ratio, and it’s not because I auto-lock my fave every time.

When I got this game, I didn’t have anyone that played it I could party with, I just solo-queued, and when I found someone else who played well, or has a mic, or does a good job in picking what the team needs, I’d add them so I can play with them earlier. This is how you build a friend base to play with. I don’t need a full team, but even just one teammate who is capable and can communicate can drastically change the outcome of a game. Group up with people who are good and can help you every chance you get. Now when I got on I almost always have at least one other person to party with when queuing.

The point I’m getting at, is that I’m assuming you’re in an optimal team situation because you should be trying to get into them. If you’re not in one then you’re already at a disadvantage before this conversation even started. I’m assuming that if you’re picking a Reyna then you already have ranged DPS covered… because if you’re picking a Renya you SHOULD have that covered in your team comp.

If you’re not finding yourself in optimal team situations, then you need to be doing everything you can to get yourself into those situations. This is going to help you MUCH more than any helix choice will.

Now as to the aspect of “what if your ranged DPS is down or out of position” if they’re out of position, then you’re in a bad situation, you’re at a disadvantage, you should be retreating, getting fix your team comp, get people back in the fight who you need, or if the enemy is at a disadvantage, of course, then it doesn’t matter.

I concede to you. It seems clear that you have more experience than me on this matter.


I have a couple points I would like to raise…

OK correct me if I’m wrong, is this the starting line up. I honestly can’t remember off the top of my head?

Marquies. Miko,Montana, Oscar Mike,Orenedi,Rath Thorn

There are lots of ranged in that group but only one melee so you can’t really make your suggested team comp with the starting line up if that is indeed the roster.

OK, now to me specifically. I consider myself an average BB player and I try to play my role and objective.

I’m a terrible sniper. I don’t have the patience or tactics for it.

A pretty good miko.

I can play a decent Oscar mike, Montana and orendi.

Rath I find dreadfully boring.

Now, It may be due to my lack of skill at this specific game but I personally find picking a character I’m not proficient with to fill in the gaps to be liability

I can play a sniper or rath and feed the other team kills…

I can play the ones I’m decent with and we have a fighting chance. …

Or I can play with something I do well with and even if it’s unorthodox it seems to be successful. I have yet to lose a match in which we had a good miko and myself playing as Reyna.

For example, We basically made gal almost invincible on one of the matches(post nerf). Miko and myself had 0 deaths and the gal had 1. I’m sure that was tactically a bad choice and probably had more to do with playing another tactically terrible team.

The question then becomes would it had been more beneficial to fill in the gaps or play to my strengths?

I’m sure this is the issue that most average players are faced with.

It takes probably days if not longer to get 1 character to a level in which the player feels comfortable. I don’t think many players will develop the diversity of skill that you have apparently acquired.

I think it will remain that way in everything but the top level play. So I suppose I have to develop strategies that will accommodate the masses. Unless I find a reliable premade in which we all know our roles/skills and pick accordingly.