Reynas slow ability

lol, quite true, but like I said it’s not a rock solid rule, Montana can make-up for a melee with his stun and knockup. He’s one of the few ranged characters that has a stun already in their kit without having to spec to it. Remember, you want the melee because they have the most hard CC, Montana is an exception :wink: Rath IS boring, but he brings great CC and damage to a team comp. His knockup is amazing for setting up kills, and saving teammates, and his ult wrecks people… that said, as soon as I unlocked more fun melee characters, I never touched him again.

I’m a horrible sniper too, but I’m “okay” on Toby… better on Thorn or WF. You want to fill the role, but play to your strengths in filling it. There are a lot of different ways to deliver ranged DPS: Millka, Thorn, etc., a Marquis is only one of the solutions. Honestly though, I’ve never had to fill with a sniper, someone always wants to do it…

While you’re starting off you’re very limited, so, of course that has to be taken into consideration, but you should always try to find at least someone you can play relatively well in each role. This is much easier after you get all of the characters of course.

My general rule for this is: What are the other four doing? If they’ve covered the four main things you need, then certainly pick anything you’re really good with, that you think will fit with the team comp… You should have at least 4 characters you know well enough to play, that fit in these roles.

In my experience (and again this is just my POV) I perform better on a character that adds to the team comp that I’m not as good with than I do on a character that hinders the team who I’m really good with. I could show you several instances where I was on one of my best characters, and we still lost due to team comp, where I could have potentially gone with another character, had a lower K/D and we would have won (a game where I went +13 with Boldur and we all lost comes to mind)

My advice is find something in all four roles that you’re decent on, and when the team needs something else, just switch the one you’re on.

Honestly, that’s general advice you’ll hear in any MOBA and it applies in BB as well.

I don’t have a super breadth of characters, I work on a few at a time, but I have played them all and have a good concept of what they should do. There’s ones I’m not that good on (Orendi, Deande, Ghalt, and Ambra spring to mind) but I do have someone in each role that I am pretty good on: Boldur, Whiskey, Shane and Aurox, Kleese; So I have a solid group of characters I can pick into almost any team comp and help cover what we need. I still play around, I still experiment, but I know that if I need to cover something, I can do it.

If you asked me what I prefer or what I’m best at, it’s being a tank, I love front-lining and can play any tank character pretty well, but I don’t play a tank every game, if tank is well covered then I switch off to something else, maybe a tanky-melee character if we need more front line power, or a sneaky assassin if we don’t have a chaser. Try to look for the holes in your comp, where you’ll be in trouble, what the team could do better, and fill that position.

That’s good advice.

I really dislike this unlocking system due to it restricting my options. My enjoyment of this game is made or broken based on the character I choose.

I really wish this game had some kind of training room BC having to level up a helix to see how things operate is a pain and often bad for the team.

Also if you have a premade group and you guys are playing for fun, try out the miko + Reyna + a tanky character. Gal really was almost unstoppable. I’ve also don’t it with Montana. He basically become a mobile turret.

I’d agree, you can use the private matches to get a feel for characters though. And make sure to check out the wiki page, the format is a little rough to read, but it’ll give you an idea of what you may or may not want to pursue on a character:

It has the helix upgrades, when you get them (vitally important to know IMO) their legendary gear you can get, etc., it can help you know if you need to really work on a character to get traits you’ll need, or if you’re just a level away from getting them online.

And don’t forget, if you want to level them up quickly, PVE gets you a lot more experience. I farm a PVE raid every day or so on a character that I’m looking for a helix option on, even if I don’t play them that much yet.

Haha, I’ve had two supports on a tank before, it works well, but I think it’s mostly because people get caught off guard by it, if the other team is good at moving past the tank and focusing the supports, then you usually pay for not having enough DPS to keep them off the healers. That’s my usual reaction to a dual support/galilea team at least. Well, that or just use a character that can separate them and just kill the tank (like Reyna’s ult, or Shane’s pull)

Thanks for the discussion and thanks for the link

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Don’t mean to get in the middle of that tldr argument but - yeah requirement heavy as in one choice you fire a skill then hold down the trigger and it homes in to the target the other ability requires you to aim. That’s a pretty big requirement comparably and also if you suck at fps games. Which I do. Lazy shooting ftw!

(On a somber note I am currently working on improving my fps skill and have not used homing target in a long while. It became a crutch and gave me lots of bad habits.)

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The homing + explosion dmg + right side pick at tier 1 is what I used with Reyna today. Most fun, effective I’ve been with her. The added shield boost at one isn’t needed BC you’re adding a shield. I do added health at 4 to compensate that. But yeah the homing is great for countering benedict, it burst down ambras and orendis. All in all, it has opened her kit up for me in utilizing the secondary, and makes me think of Reyna as OP.

My question is about using the secondary to boost applied overshields. Do you shoot it at your teammate? Does it recharge your overshield too? I’ve yet to see that function.

I’ve played some rather unbalanced team compositions with great success… 1 I was Marquis on a team of 4 other ranged DPS’ers - started out horrible and almost lost our sentry, but we eventually found our groove.

Had another where we were all melee/tanky, we could rush in and kill their Miko before any of us went down, think I was Boldur. We slooowly crawled our way to the sentry like a Greek phalanx then finally rushed the sentry when we managed to have 3 of them on respawn cooldown.

Any 5 characters who are good at their role and great at surviving has a fighting chance in any match. But you get 1 hopelessly clueless guy, things go downhill quick.

I don’t believe it recharges your own shields, just the person you’re doing it to. I also don’t think it affects their overshield, but it “heals” their regular shield. Until you get her legendary I don’t find that skill particularly useful.

Many good arguments were made to skill her slow, but IMO its less efficient, see, most heroes cam stun/slow and or throw you in the air, so if you happen to be in a 5 player group where 4 if them can stun or slow, i 'dont see the point to be the 5th, slow is a good debuff for enemys asa surprise, ir to control them before focussing the crap out of them, but lets be honest, how many heroes have the ability to teleport (f.e. Phoebe, Isic), go stealth (shane & aurox, OM) or get an insane movement speed bonus when specific requirements are met (Boldur, Mellka) ? Plus, an enemy Reyna can, if taken the right helix option, dispel slow and stun instantly, additionaly, your 3 seconds slow turns propably into an 2 or less seconds slow if your designated target has an - CC duration gearitem…
So, you’ll never know if your slow ability will show its full potential or will be canceled by upper circumstances, which makes it basically a 50/50% chance to have the desired effect…

On the other hand, if you take the homing plasma (which deals more and more damage with a decent build and the right gear) you can deal killing blows to fleeing enemys and don’t have to take the time to aim, just aim in the sky, jump and shoot to shoot over possible enemys and or minions and stuff, you can shoot down a benedict from the air no matter which direction he’s flying, you can easily shoot on enemy players who play agile heros and jumping around constantly (mellka for example), if you have a brawl of multiple enemys and allys in one spot, you can pick a single enemy to set him under pressure and or kill him and still have the time to look for your teammates!

There are other heroes who get the slow ability without trading in such powerful alternatives, let them slow, keep them alive and assist with damage, you’re not there to serve CC, you’re there to rescue, support and to kill!

I wish I could give more likes to your posts. Your positioning awareness is key to success.

I play pretty well exclusively pugs and mostly meltdown. The only time I really choose the homing helix option is in horrible games where I find myself being the sole defender of a lane (which should never happen, but happens more times than I’d like to admit). Even after asking for help. There isn’t much worse as Reyna than trying to hold a lane alone and having no way to overshield.

In these games I NEED to choose homing as it’s the only way I can effectively try to chase someone out of a lane. I hate these games.

This is how I play Reyna, and I especially like driving off a high flying Benedict.

With homing, 50% laser damage on over heat, plus damage boosts to the plasma, love it :grinning:

I’ve read many good points all through out this post and I know it’s a relatively older post but one thing I’d like to add as to why I love the slow is its the longest slow in the game… Most of you have mentioned it’s only a 3 second slow… But your priority target is 6 seconds (up to 9) you have the potential to slow a target for up to 12 seconds! Granted you should never need to do it for that long but it’s not just a 3 second slow if your on the target it’s way more than that! Also with cool down gear and proper helix before that 12 second slow is up your able to start it again…

Yeah man you know the drill! :smiley:

I completely forgot I made this lol…