Reyna's third helix tree

this is a glimpse of reyna’s third helix tree, the interesting thing is that only a few tiers have a third choice which disappoints me a little.

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I believe that in one of the interviews at either gamescom or E3 they stated that you could “unlock” new skills or “swap out skills” in the helix to choose from. I took that to mean either we will start with helixes with two skills per level but you can swap them out for other, same level skills before/ after matches, or we will have a chance to unlock an extra skill for each level. So you would start with only two skills but as you met certain requirements or did certain things, you could slowly unlock a third abilitly for each level. To me this picture just means they have unlocked some but not all of the additional skills for her.


Given what we know, I would assume that the 3rd option comes in at the profile level with earned XP, so it’d be something like ‘unlocked 3rd helix option for 6th tier skills’ that would extend across all the characters. It could be per-character, but I assume its not, based on their approach of not wanting your progress to be tied to a specific character.

that sounds better, skill depth and build variety is something i really liked in the borderlands franchise and i hope battleborn will have that.

I think this is true also. The only thing I’m worried about this is in the picture that shows all the possible combinations, and it shows nothing about switching out skills.