Reyna's ult doesn't block Orendi's Ult

I don’t know if it’s a bug or intended but like the title says :

Orendi’s Paradigm Shift can be shoot throught Reyna’s Photonic Ward. I think it shouldn’t.

I’m right, no ?

The bubble doesn’t block skills. OM can shot a napalm grenade right in the middle your safe space.

Mmmmh not sure, think that the grenade can’t go throught the bubble, but yes the AOE can if the center of the AOE is outside

And the bubble blocks :
Oscar’s Ult
Whiskey’s Grenades
Phoebe’s Ult
Thorn’s Ult
and so many others so yes it blocks skills

I think Reyna’s ult should block everything that is trying to get through it. Including Orendi’s ult. i hope they change it.

It won’t block the AoE, but if you have the detonate on impact skill, it’ll just explode against the shield, other wise it’ll bounce off.