RFr3sh86’s Trade List is back! 300+ items up for grabs

Hey all. I’m looking to maximize some of my builds and am looking for some items and class mods that I may not own. My “Want List” is also under my spreadsheet. I have taken pics of my class mods so feel free to offer me any class mods that I may not own. Thanks again

Link to my Class Mods

For some reason I’m having a little trouble looking at the spread sheet. I really need a Redistributor Cryo or Radiation with ASE 100%. I have some decent Fl4k and Moze class mods to trade. No God rolls though.

Does this mean you’re looking for a krakatoa with SNTNL cryo? I have one of those.
Oh and i also have a cryo lob with SNTNL as well

Hey. Please add me in game with the items that you want so I can mail them to you for your 2 items.

Thank u all for the messages but I’m going to close this post. Sorry for the inconvenience

Closed at OP request.