RFresh's BL3 Store! LF several Anointed items! I have lots for trade!

I’m looking to trade for several level 50 items including anointed Laser Sploders (All elements), anointed Crossroads, anointed Flakkers, an Anointed Transformer and finally an anointed Sprint Rough Rider (with Fire Resistance)!

Lvl 50 items that I have for trade:

Assault Rifles

Anointed Rowan’s Call (Fire)

Rowan’s Call (Shock or Radiation)

Lucian’s Call (Cryo or Corrosive)

Engulfing Shredifier x2


Deep Dive Face-Puncher

Casual Flakker

Cocky Flakker

Anointed Speedload’n Hellwalker


Anointed Binary Mocking Cutsman (Fire)

Anointed Binary Sublime Cutsman (Shock)

Binary Mocking Cutsman (Corrosive)

Binary Compressing Cutsman (Shock)

Cash-Infused Crossroad (Shock)

Anointed Searing Trained Hellfire (Flak)


Resolute Lyuda

Class Mods

Bashing Infiltrator

Bashing Shady Infiltrator

Bashing Spirited Infiltrator

Shady Sonic Boom Infiltrator

Ramshackle Prime Shockerator

Treacherous Disastrous Executor

Primeval Meditative Phasezerker

Conflagration Threaded Elementalist

Punishing Vestigial Dragon


Deathless Artifacts x5 (Including Elemental Projection Deathless)

  • Many other Artifacts (feel free to ask)

Feel free to add me online. Thanks in advance.

PSN: Rfr3sh86

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you got a knife drain white elephant with area damage and melee perks?

I have a infiltrator class mod to trade, looking for this Molten Resolute Lyuda.
id: Stormknigth567

I do not. The closest artifact that I have is the Cauterizing White Elephant with 25% melee damage.

Bump… I made several changes to my inventory and my wants. I’m essentially in the market for anointed gear since I finally received my Shockwave Infiltrator class mod… Feel free to message me in game

Have any (A) with damage 125% after skill?