Rhys and Fiona are the new Vault Hunters in BL3?

(ZeppMan217) #1

I mean, after Episode 3 it’s kinda…obvious?

(Oeeshik) #2

I doubt it, Fiona’s action skill would probably just be that little revolver and Rhys’s would probably be Loader Bot. But I prefer playing as an actual Loader than summoning one.

(President of Jellybeans) #3

Welp considering that Chapter 5 is called Vault of the Traveler, I have a feeling it’s fairly open and shut with their vault hunting story, why would they?

(Domomy) #4

I doubt it’s more like Nisha’s but less cowboy theme. More like thief + sheriff styles.
I wish Fiona will be there! :3

(Grayson) #5

I really hope this is correct.
I really, really, really hope so.

(Less Than0) #6

Its been awhile since I have played the Wattle Gobbler headhunter but I am pretty sure Fiona is one of the NPCs you kill in the final boss fight. I recall the headhunter came out after TT episode 1 and the Fiona reference was kind of an easter egg but not sure if this is cannon. I should go check it out again to see if I recognize any other names.

(clflanagan72) #7

Fiona is sort of a natch for vault hunter; however I would like to see Rhys become the new head of Hyperion and act as a NPC or story teller element. The NPCs have better stories and interactions than the playable vault hunters.

(Kira ) #8

yeah I think they’re gonna do something with Rhys as the new head for story’s sake but it’d be cool to see Fiona as a playable.

(Kitteh) #9

Summoning a Loader Bot could be cool…

([You're messing with the best.]) #10

I really do not think so, but if so… no.