Rhys' mustache option

lost oppertunity here GB :joy:

save it -> gun with a mustache (barrel) part
shave it -> same gun with diffrent (barrel) part

that would be so awsome (and deffinitly would be rocking the stache gun)


No, Gearbox would never do something as OP as a mustache gun. The cool stat would be too high.


It does not matter which option is chosen. He says he will remember that, but it is never brought up again.

Like a lot of the conversations; no matter which VH you play as, the NPC answers are always the same.

The first of this type of thread for the day, and it’s a no from me, utterly silly idea.

It literally decides whether he has the moustache or not. You’ll notice if you are disgusted by it that he no longer has it in later interactions.

ok that’s true hahaha :smiley:

it would brake the game :exploding_head:

Visually yes. Whoopie!

A wasted opportunity for a quest pertaining to it (maintain / or remove)

I think the “rhys wlil remember that” is a call back to Tales


it is :wink:

Exactly, reference to Tales. Also you get different trinket for each option.

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What are the options? I have both a Mustache and an Atlas pendant? I was wondering what the difference was (though beyond this, I too don’t see where Rhys will remember anything).

When you see him after the fact, he either has a mustache or he doesn’t depending on your choice. That’s how it means “remember”.


The pop-up message is the same as in Tales after certain actions/choices. It’s nothing complex, just a statement that this person will remember.

As above, one choice is clean Rhys for the rest of your game, and second with siege mustache. If you keep mustache you’ll get Atlas trinket, if shave you’ll get Mustache trinket.
So again, nothing complex, more of easter egg.

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Oh wow, I never noticed! :+1:

i would be happy with a head skin that gives a decent mustache like rhys. not this oversized bar handle one.

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