Rhys posts art and stuff

Thought I should post some art because aah yes the validation

Um… I’m hoping this is okay too. Anyways, some of it is a little old (some is a month old, some is a few weeks old)

And there’s a few WIPs and some funny stuff too!

This is Matt from a webseries called “Eddsworld”.

Some original characters of mine!

Agent York from Red vs Blue.

This is an old picture from… 5 months ago. It’s Axton with freckles! I might redo it since I have better brushes and stuff now.


These are from a “draw the squad” meme and are from December of last year.

And so I don’t make this thread SUPER long, the WIPs of my most recent pic that I’m not done with yet-

And the moments where I just gave up at the time:

And that is some of my art! I hope you like it!


I loled at the ice cream one. I am such a dork!

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i like your drawings

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Aah thank you so much!

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