Rhys Tales Backstory Questions

Have only played a bit of Tales.

Couple Rhys questions:

  1. Why does Rhys have a cybernetic arm (for that matter, why does Troy ((well, Troy’s looks more mechanical)). Does that ever get explained?)

  2. What is Rhys’ connection to / with Handsome Jack?

Thanks In advance!

Heavy spoilers follow for tales

  1. Rhys always had it. I don’t recall them explaining it. Troy on the other hand is also missing part of his spine. He was a conjoined twin (Siamese twins) and likely never developed it. His father and mother probably built it for him.

  2. It was an AI of Jack. I forget the specifics but the jack fanboy had developed it and Rhys got a hold of it not realizing what it was. It then tried to take him over when Rhys wouldn’t go along with it’s plans. In the end you could destroy it or save it.

I know I’ve been saying this a lot to you, but in this case you should YouTube it and get some popcorn. Watch the whole tales series via a let’s play or something and make it a movie night.

It’s basically a choose your own adventure book, and some of the best writing in the series.


pretty sure Troy was born with only one arm. on the other side he was connected to tyreen so when their father cut them apart a arm had to be crafted for troy

but this is only my take away

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I’ll second the recommendation to watch a full playthrough of the game, or to pick it up somewhere through your method of choice, now that it’s no longer for sale. I went into Tales with my expectations pretty low (yeah, great storytelling from the BL setting, okay whatevs) and ended up really impressed by the time I reached the end. There were laughs, there were feels, and maybe even a few tears when I realized that TT is no more and thus TftBL is no more.


man… catch a riiiiide! in the feels from that game… it was epic writing! the scene where rhys runs along a corridor, flipping the bird to all of the monitors, was a communication error between the writers and animators, that always made me chuckle!
Surely some of the best BL writing.


Tales of and BL2 spoilers

[SPOILER] Rhys has a cybernetic implanted eye. When him and Fiona are looking for the ‘Gortis Project’ he finds a cybernetic chip from Nakayama. That chip amongst other things contains Jacks AI. If you recall in BL2 Nakayama was obsessed with cloning Jack.

When Rhys comes back too, he realises that Jacks installed itself into his cybernetics and so would appear to Rhys at opportune times, either to help him (to further Jacks purpose) or just to taunt him in true Jack style


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I’m not completely certain but the burger delivery mission, did you complete that with the additional criteria (i think the hardest is with 9m left on the clock)

That’s a re-doable mission.

I’ll have to check, but I’m surr my Eden 6 shows about 102% complete. (as bonkers as that is)