Rico Shield deflect damage seems wayyyyy too low

For any of you who don’t know, the DLC added a new legendary shield called the Rico. It features somewhat low stats in exchange for a 40% chance to deflect projectiles when the shield is up and 80% when the shield is down. I do like this shield because it does in fact make you remarkably tanky against enemies with guns. However, I could not help but notice that deflected shots deal very little damage. Often, it is only one-digit damage numbers (on lv 50, mind you) and sometimes, deflected shots doesn’t seem to be dealing any damage at all, despite hitting the enemy. That just doesn’t seem even remotely right, after all the idea is that the shot is going to deal however much damage you yourself would have taken.

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Megavore still triggers crits on the deflected bullets, lol.

It’s not going to deal full damage, but should be somewhere around 25%. Single digits sounds a bit too low though, hope they correct that.

Damage reflection has never been very useful in borderlands because enemy damage against the player isn’t scaled to match player damage against an enemy. The enemy doing 15k damage to you might be all of your shield and half of your hp, but of you reflected all of that damage back instead, you’d be essentially doing about a couple bullets of damage to them. I assume they don’t want players to afk win against mobs, so they don’t amp the reflect round before it goes back to the enemy.

I’m honestly basing this off of BL2 because it was actually even worse there. The enemies would have factors of ten more health than the players by OP10. damage reflection was basically meaningless since they could do like 400K-700K dmg to the player and kill them, but that damage reflected back was like half of a single bullet dmg to the enemy.

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Honestly, considering how much more health enemies have compared to the player it’d be perfectly fine for it to do full damage, but it’s not even close to 25% either (although it does seem to depend on the projectile type a little. Certain types of heavy ammo seem to be dealing the intended amount whereas shots from Assault Rifles sometimes don’t deal any damage at all).

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