Rico shield: yay or nay?

I completed the DLC and got a Rico shield. It looks interesting. I thought it might work well for me but it seems my survivability is kind of bad with it compared to my Transformer or Re-charger shield. I’m playing on Amara so maybe it’s just not a great shield for this character? I’m guessing it could be good on Moze with a built up shield or something?

To be fair I am testing it in The Anvil on TVHM M4 so maybe it’s just this area (still worse than my other shields however). Are people making this shield work and if so what classes/builds/gear are they pairing with it to make it work well or is it just garbage compared to the old standby stuff?

For me it’s garbage. I think it got hype because people assumed reflect meant to prevent damage. However it does not mean that. All it does is send some of your attackers damage back at them, and a reduced amount at that. Consider you shoot a gun normally doing anywhere from 30k-100k for a decent weapon @ m4. And then consider most VH have 15k combined shield+hp on average, so think about how much less enemies do to you then you to them, then reduce that amount for reflect and you’ll see it’s a pittance especially on M4. The rest of the stats on the shield are pretty trash-tier on top of it.


Ohhhh…I didn’t realize it doesn’t negate damage. That’s no good. It might be good on lower difficulties but that just won’t work on the M4. No wonder I was taking so much damage. Too bad because it looks like it could be interesting if it had better survivability. :frowning:

Yeah I slapped one on for science on M4, and got slapped around.

Immediately took it off and went back to my other shields lol.

It’s not the worst shield but it’s definitely not top tier IMO.

I bet on lower difficulties (maybe even M3) without the huge stat bloat of M4 the reflect might do enough damage to be effective but it just doesn’t have the dmg output or survivability to be viable in M4 it seems.