Rico vs transformer shield?

I cant tell which is better tbh.

Transformer has the infinitely useful 100% shock resistance , and twice capacity plus 40% to absorb bullets

Rico has 50% chance to reflect bullets (no idea how much that actually damages enemies on M4 though), and a whopping 80% chance when depleted. It also has less than half capacity as transformer

So which one is best for a Bloodless 1hp moze build you think ?

I’d take Transformer every time. The approximately double capacity means the difference between about 26k and 40k in a 1hp set up. As you’re at 1hp we can ignore the Rico’s depleted effect, so 40% absorb vs 50 reflect I’d call a wash when considering the capacity difference. The winner however is the Transformers immunity to shock, it’s eliminating a 1hp’s biggest weakness and turning it into a strength.


you can recharge transformer at will by shooting yourself with a shock weapon it s a big advantage


Lol I thought this was an objective comparison before the end, but for deathless Moze the amazing Rico shield seems about as useful as a brawler ward shield. (Actually better off with backham if moze wants to reflect bullets imo)

What makes the Transformer even better is that shock attacks heal your shield. In the Maliwan slaughter thingy I just let Shock Heavies spam their electrocute thingies, standing inside them is basically god mode.

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Regarding Rico Health…

I have not managed to get this one with buffs or anointments yet. But someone will…

On M4 TVHM Transformer with no doubts.
All vault hunters have between 6000-8000 health and shields are 5000-12000.
So you as player have to do way more damage then enemys.
Reflect shields scratch enemys on M4.
That is my opinion.

this opinion is a fact, I’ve tried to make scream of terror builds and enemies don’t damage eachother because they have way more hp than damage they deal.

I can run Slaughter Shaft M4 with a Bullet Buffet shield with 4903 capacity - so a Transformer is not essential kit for all situations.

Transformer is arguably better for shock resistance, ammo absorb/regen, and shock shield regen, but sometimes is nice to play with different kit and I’m pretty sure projectiles cover rockets (but not splash.)

I tried rico and I don t like it,you take a whole lot more damage than you d expect ,I feel better protected with transformer

Transformer easy. If you’re relying on shields to live then protecting them with that 100% shock damage resistance is just the sensible course of action. This makes the only “dangerous” damage type Radiation.

That aside:

  • It eats ammo cutting your reload frequency and upping your ammo pools so it ups your damage too, maybe not as much as reflection but it’s nothing to turn your nose up at either.
  • Any time there’s an enemy with a shock weapon you just leave it standing and let it heal you.
  • Shock barrels? Barrels of healy goodness.
  • Water? Shoot it with a shock gun to get it sparking and it heals you.
  • Are you using shock splash weapons at point blank? You get caught in the splash for heals (just don’t Fire DoT yourself to death of course :P).

It’s hard to argue with a Transformer as long as you get used to actively taking advantage of it’s ability to heal yourself.