Ride of battle chair-- how do I know what maps I still need?

Ride of battle chair-- how do I know what maps I still need?

All the Story missions can be known by Kleese’s career page, the PvP maps? There is no way to know those.

Ask a Magic 8 ball to see which PvP maps you’re missing.


If you have the ops missions you can use them as well

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What @loving-hatred said. I picked up a bunch doing Bots Battle, but I completed the maps part of the lore challenge by playing OMvBS on the weekend, following a tip from @wisecarver. Also, OMvBS was way easier with Kleese than I thought it would be - actually got my highest score yet. The only thing that bugged me was somehow missing ONE Ops Points chest in the arena. (Nothing worse than finishing on 99 Ops Points!)

…IKR Many times now on the Montana dlc I know that last OPs point is with the jump-pad but. . .
Poor Attikus just bounces off. :wink:

Have you filed a bug report with video?

It’s an odd one even with a character you know can make it. EG OM - it always looks like I’m going to hit the side of the island and fall down, although he always sticks the landing. Something is definitely off there…

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…No, and I don’t think reporting dlc bugs helps.

What does the ops missions do for the challenge? Does the ops location count as “maps”, or am I literally supposed to play multiplayer?

It counts as maps, play and jump off a cliff in hardcore.

Originally the story had the 8 maps and there was 6 pvp maps. Now you just need to play on 14 unique maps including the ops it’s pretty easy to get solo

Each Ops mission is one map. Go for it!