Ridiculous Character Suggestions

What would be your most ridiculous suggestion for a new character?

EGGOSINNI - A giant waffle with an Italian accent. Literally a giant waffle.

TOAST: Uses a hand-held toaster to burn his enemies in melee.
MAPLE SPREAD: Shoots maple syrup at his enemies and effectively glues them in place.
BUTTERY GOODNESS: Poops out buttery goodness and slides on it to reach the enemy faster.
LEGGO MY EGGOSINNI: Spins at supersonic speed and hurls all enemies in a certain radius 50 feet away.

LORE CHALLENGE: Chicken and Waffles. Kill Benedict 50 times with Maple Spread.

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Oh dear, now I want the talking HotDog from BL-TPS as playable character lol

A giant butthole that poos on everything? Oh wait we already have Gal…

Oh no… now I’m picturing waffle butts. I didn’t think this through!

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Mr Mcwiner


Thats OP!!: Instantly makes any skill do zero damage
I Cant see!!: Makes the viewpoint of every player in the game focus on just Mcwiner.
I haz skillz: Waving the controller/keyboard around your head instantly kills all enemies in that game and the next 2 games. Downside is it is also effected by the Thats OP!! skill.

HAZZAH!! (ult) does damage based on number of cry baby posts on the forum and deals it to Gali. If no Gali is in that match it carries over until there is one.

Lore challenge: Rage quit 10,000 matches but only counts if you blame the rage quit on a mechanic that is broken but really isnt.


A man with a ■■■■■■■ weed whacker.

That is all

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THIS basically saved my day and restored my faith into humanity! Besides I can´t stop laughing, its simply right on point! :smile:

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I don’t actually think Gal is that OP. Was just a joke calm yourself. Funny I guess the devs would play the class you suggested considering they think she is OP tho…

Handsome Jack.

Fires from the wrist laser cannon, goes invisible, spawns holoclones, as an ultimate - throws a mind-controlling collar on an enemy battleborn, which switches that battleborn’s team until either him or Handsome Jack dies.

I dont either it was simply a play on the fact most posts on the forums are complaining about her.

The Trash Man, from Always Sunny. “I am a real American…”

Skill 1: Trash Can Toss - throws metal can with a sharp edge.

Skill 2: Eat Trash - Self explanatory.

Ult: Crowd Pleaser - Raises arms in victory, cheering sounds and random debris gets thrown at enemies in range, stronger the less allies nearby.