Ridiculously overpowered

I have only two matches played as ISIC and a total K:D of 47:6. I got ‘Worthy of Song’ in my first match (that being said, I had already played him in the beta). I outsnipe Marquis/Thorn. I have a free get-out-of-death dash, but of course, I’ll mostly be using it for the ranged AOE stun instead–an ungodly excessive asset to his already ridiculous skillset which will secure many more kills. I have the royal pleasure of focusing all helix and gear choices on damage bonuses because my Q practically gives me 8 seconds of holding right-click in every direction. Speaking of which, JUST IN CASE I’ve already used my dash and it seems my time has come, once my Q has blocked 1125 (or more if overcharged) damage for me despite the phenomenal zero effort I put forth in doing so, I have a 2000 damage right-click shield as a last resort that refreshes entirely over about two seconds, but let’s face it, my health pool is so large and my damage is so incredible that battles will almost never reach that point. Oh, and the ult… the only time I’d ever NEED to ult would be to quickly kill a minion wave, but I did ult a couple times just to drop a few enemies. People here claim ulting makes you vulnerable, but the overcharge shield totally negates that argument in my opinion.

He’s always a complete headache to play against when the player is competent and can aim because he simply outshines every other character. My overall K:D is 654:140 and my matches won:matches played is 64:74. My top played characters are Mellka at 24 matches, Toby 7, Attikus 5, and everything else is under that. I clearly don’t enjoy playing broken characters but that seems to be the key to winning for some sad folks out there.

Note: ‘just stun him’ is not a valid argument in any competitive game. Stuns are a blanket counter to everything, so using it as a balance justification makes no sense. He himself has the best stun in the game anyways.

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I main kleese and honestly isic is my other main but I don’t see him as broken. I will melt you and your wards if you play isic and I’m kleese. And you have to make a call with isic, melee defense or ranged defense. If their team is all or mostly one or the other that’s easy but it’s not against a balanced team. I’ve had success beating up isic with plenty of people. I think people keep missing one of the core concepts and that’s that every character in this game was designed to be “overpowered” so that when played correctly. they can take over a game. Literally everyone. But that makes the game balance out is everyone can be as strong as your experience with Isic. Some are easier than others and their play styles vary SOOOOOOO much your bound to find one or two that seem broken and easy and others that seem underwelming but that’s you and your play style not the character. I suck with thorn, marquis, rath, and all sorts of characters that are great and you see all the time, I’m good with isic, kleese, el dragon, and Toby because they fit my play style. When you find someone who feels that way wait till you fight a team close to your skill level and you will understand what I mean. But nerfing people in this game will cause worthless characters to emerge. Once the player base figures this game out battles will get much more balanced and intense to just chill for a while and don’t panic, because everyone in this game is broken so no one is!

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Does he have a 1 shot ability? I was just playing a game against ISIC and out of nowhere I got hit for ~1800 across the map by the isic on the other team. Full shields and health one hit my marquis.

I’m 9/10 unkillable and something like this keeps happening. I’m never going to get that title lol.

Did they have their wards up? It’s possible you headshot yourself.

Yeah if his ult is up and he happened to head shot you late game with the beam and has skill damage perks it might be doable but I’ve never seen him 1 hit anyone. Like he said though, if he reflected your shot and you were unlucky enough to headshot yourself that’d do it too

He’s definitely broken on Paradise. He can dash up to the top of the bridge on either side, and stay up there away from melee. If any ranged try to attack him, he can shield/ward until they die, or leave. Then he can sit up there and harass until his heart is content. The only way to get him down is to get someone up there to melee him down.

I would say ISIC is one of the strongest battleborn right now due to the fact that his closest thing to a weakness is melee Battleborn, and he can deal with them in most situations anyway. I’m hesitant to claim that he needs nerfing though since if he loses much damage on charge shot he won’t really be a threat- and nothing is worse than a tank that doesn’t get targeted because it’s not damaging enough to be a threat. Rotating wards could perhaps use some post helix upgrade effectiveness reduced because let’s be honest, reflecting wards is the only thing that makes ISIC broken vs ranged damage.

He hasn’t seemed particularly broken to me. While if he’s sitting in his ult he’s an offensive powerhouse, he is also painting a massive “I can’t escape quickly or use any defensive powers” sign on his face. The way to get him to drop out of his ult is to do your best to avoid his attacks until his overshield wears off, then scare him out of his ult by hitting him hard. The biggest mistake you can make against an ulting ISIC is to leave him alone, because he’ll stay in turret mode until he needs to make an escape.

The other key to countering ISIC, I’ve found, is figuring out which wards perk he chose (melee counter or ranged counter), and use whichever attacking style he DIDN’T choose to counter. Which is difficult if your whole team is ranged or melee, because he’ll know which one to counter, and counter it. So, (and this is just a good general rule as well), it’s best to have team with either 2 melees and 3 ranged, or 3 melees and 2 ranged. It’s also important to avoid attacking him while his wards are up if he does counter your attacking type, especially ranged, (I’ve seen a Marquis go from full health/shield to 15% health with a badly timed Bindleblast).

Great damage, great hp/shield, great escape/aoe stun, but his Wards are the best thing ever, they block ranged, melee, skills, ultimates, anything.

Isic isn’t the only character that can do that though, there was a Benedict in a few matches that just perched up there and pretty much stayed there until someone went up or he had to be a coward and flew back to base.

I knew one of these threads would show up, good thing I don’t see many ISIC players so hopefully no nerfs incomming.

The survivabilty of Isic will get some tuning. This was mentioned in an interview (you can find the link somewhere on top of the forum)

Quite a few characters can get up there, but you can get them all down by shooting them. With Isics rotating ward and bonus shield, it’s ridiculously hard to get him down from up there.

I definitely don’t think Isic is broken. He’s a ranged tank. He has 1 stun, a dash, a reflective shield, and another shield. He’s a great character but he especially shines when he gets his ult. I absolutely know for a fact he can’t 1 shot anyone. Impossible unless you 1 shot yourself off of his rotating wards. I think Isic is in a pretty good spot to be honest. He’s meant to be the incursion sentry slayer anyways. If anything is op about him it might be his ult, but I hardly see a way to make it fair without just making him a n
ew one all together. If I can solo fight most isics I see with characters I hardly know then he can’t be that op.