Riding the coaster

What a hoot I was working in the garage when the wife came out telling me I had to see something!
Her and my son found a roller coaster that you can ride and shoot targets. It was such a “great ride”
Thanks gearbox…they then tried to see if they could ride the Ferris Wheel outside Carnavora. They didn’t find an access point.


I stumbled into that blindly too… pretty cool. Did you get the chest at the end?


If you shoot all the targets while riding the coaster, you unlock a door at the start with a red chest. I would use a dictator ar if you have one.

I actually wasn’t playing it my son found it and he and my wife were playing. Once I find it on my own I’ll try and exploit all its surprises.

I’ve been to that coaster during my Claptrap hunts.
I couldn’t find a way into the coaster itself. I will need to go back and look harder. That is cool you can ride it.

Go to the splinterlands. From the drop pod take a left around the map. Should be able to see it.

The roller coaster target shooting is needed to access a red chest which is part of 100% the area.

Found my way onto the coaster.
Had alot of fun on it.

See told you it was a hoot

Had no idea, thanks for the tip!!!

I was amused by its existence way back when I first found it, but I didn’t enjoy trying to shoot all the targets to get the door open. I’ve tended to ignore it ever since.