Riding to Ruin Mission dont work


i have the problem that i cant solve the Riding to Ruin Mission in DLC 3.
I stay in front of the Station and cannot go in. Juno speaks only the same lines.


Which segment of the mission are you on? Objective wise…

You may need to be closer to Juno if you are in a follow phase. Or, maybe there is a straggler devil around?

Now… you could be at the part where you have to go to the catch a ride?

I follow Juno to the Fort and… stand in front and nothing happens. Juno speaks always the same.
My mission is… follow the gang and kill Rose.

I have found there is usually a straggler enemy after the fight, in the upper level. You need to kill all enemies before it will progress. Out of five runs, 4 of them I had to go find a straggler and kill them. They were not always easy to find. Sometimes I think they may be behind a wall :frowning:

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Yeah, I’m thinking you’ve got some leftovers to kill. Happy hunting!

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Either that or you are at the part where you need to shoot the bomb on the door?

You get any progress?

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Here i stand… i kill all what i see… nothing happens.

Yea i have the same bug… The soluce by 2k is… do it in coop game… It’s not fix with the last hotfix…
So… if someone read us and want invit us for the last mission :slight_smile:

Best bet is to post in the relevant on-line play section:

I’ve reported the same thing but only suggestion is above about joining someone else’s game to complete it… DLC 3 - Riding to Ruin quest bugged - cannot complete story