Riding to Ruin. Not placing bomb on gate

Road with them to the end but she will not place the bomb on the gate to let me finish the final mission. Is there a way to get around this bug? Or is there a way to restart the mission? I have also tried to do this in multiplayer and it will not restart the mission. The game is completely up to date.

In order to do it in multiplayer, you’d need someone hosting who hasn’t done the mission yet. Right now, that’s the only way I know of to get around this block. It happens if a player leaves the posse once they’ve left to get to the gate and rejoins them after they’ve arrived.

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First. Welcome to the best gaming community. :wink:

You’re not alone and it affect most if not all platforms. Sadly more than 3 months after the DLC release it’s still not fix. Only known work around if you dont have a save not too far back available is to join someone doing the mission.

As it doesn’t seem to be on Gearbox priority list. I’ll chip in and try to help.
I have lower level character I planned to level up to cap in the future. I’ll start the DLC with one of them up to a little before litigious point.
Can’t promise I’ll be ready tomorrow. There’s other stuff I have to do and I’m kind of a slow player. :relaxed:

I’ll keep a save ready to help anyone else on PS4 who might run into that issue.

Should be ready by Monday… Or Tuesday morning at worse. I’ll keep you posted on my progress if you reply. Don’t know. Could push me to do it faster/sooner.

Was about to start it when I thought. Are you in normal mode or TVHM?