Rifts Ignored by PVP AI

Incursion > lvl 4 for link > spawn 3 on sentry > hide > laugh at confused players deal with the nuke-tier DoT that the sentry isn’t pointing out the location of.

A super support played as an assassin almost as effective as sentry-sniping Marquis. GG

Make them not ignore rifts, like story AI, please.

I don’t think you thought this through.It would make them completely OP,because all melee minions would run in and just die in it, the ranged minions would stop to shoot it and this would lead to absolute denial of push(since the minions would be wasting time on wards) as well as a great way to take away points form the enemy team in Meltdown,where you’d buy time to kill them just by placing a ward closer to the enemy base,(like just by the accelerator).

What about just ranged attacks and not movement is drawn to the rifts? If that doesn’t make rifts trash within turret range, it should at least make them not OP against stationary targets and sentries. I can already link 3 rifts and completely eliminate a lane in Meltdown if enemy players don’t do the destroying. The minions just walk into their deaths without me even being there. What I forgot to try was putting them next to the enemy base turrets haha. 309 to 1064 dps mang.

Well,you just played against people who didn’t know Kleeses abilities and how to work with/against them. I guarantee you that once you meet a semi-skilled team, sustaining your rift chain will be hard work involving a lot of sweat and frustration and requiring you to put your rifts in places where they’re at least a little secure from Oscar Mikes grenades or Marquis fire.

Sadly I didn’t get the chance to play AGAINST Kleese, but I know what I’ll do if he is: always,ALWAYS destroy his rifts and it’s fairly simple with pretty much any AOE skill,especially if it has DoT.

I was fortunate enough to play a few matches against skilled players(and fortunately WITH skilled team mates) and believe you me,during those 3 matches I found so many alternative places to set up wards that I can’t remember them all plus I had to body block them from Marquis, which isn’t fun when he lands every single shot as long as you’re exposed so it’s either losing rifts and being forced to change position to a less advantageous one or dying.

Again, even if only ranged minions would focus the rifts, it would take away DPS done to your wave of minions as well as your team,so it’d just make things worse. In short:they’d become a passive taunt skill.

Only thing they could do is make trooper minions and thralls throw grenades at them,but that agian would greatly decrease minion DPS against your minions and team.

Ambra’s sunspots have the same issue of dealing damage while enemies completely ignore their presence, but it’s balanced by the fact that they lose health per tick. Kleese’s rifts are also capable of dealing far better damage, but applying the same health drain per damage seems pretty reasonable to me with a bit of tweaking. Being able to use them as indefinite damage unless a player destroys them seems like an oversight to me.

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