Right hand constantly needs resetting with PSVR Move Controllers

Hi. Really enjoying BL2 PSVR but for some reason my right hand that holds the gun constantly adjusts from its straight default position to an angle to the right. When I shake my right hand hard it resets. I have to do it constantly and is bugging me. Any ideas?

Shaking should always be a last resort. This has been an issue with the aim controller so I will give you the ways to fix the move based off of what we have learned while using that.

First if its half battery recharge it, it affects the tracking.
Second Make sure there is nothing obstructing the glowing ball or the camera lenses so wipe them down
Third turn it off wait a second and then turn it back on while holding it as still as you can
If all three are done shake it. If it still continues (again if all three are done) then you very likely have a broken move controller or maybe the camera