Right Helix 1 + Mutation Helix 4 Stackable?

After playing many story missions as my favorite badasses, Shayne and Aurox, I’ve decided upon (imo) a pretty decent build. This consisting of Welcome Committee (225 overshield on Fetch) and We’ll Take Everything (Aurox phases through all targets, pulling every enemy hit). I’ve noticed that when I use Fetch and end up grabbing a number of Thrall, I notice that I have much more than the usual 225, somewhere in the 1200 area. I had no Reyna on the team or any other Hero / effect that would boost overshields. So i was wondering, does the mutation allow 225 overshield to generate per enemy phased through?

Oooohhh that is very interesting.

No it doesn’t, the overshield increases the higher the level you are just like damage. Of course i still go with the Right Helix 1 and the Mutation Helix 4 because it’s nice to get an overshield and sometimes i don’t get the target i want like for example an enemy gets behind a minion but luckily for me i have a multiple pull skill so it’ll pull him and the minion ensuring that i get the kill. It’s also pretty OP when i end up grabbing 2-5 enemies into my ult as well as a bunch of other minions.