Right now, something annoying in Adv Story mode

…I’ve got tons of peeps saying the same thing, the spawn rates and the amount of damage in Advanced Story mode lately is off the charts.

Anyone else notice this?

Doesn’t seem to matter the team size, it’s happening with 2 people or 5.

We all know Gbox can push changes now but we also know they are mum on this sort of obvious behavior.


advanced story mode seems impossible from my point of view.

one time me and 4 other people were doing advance heliophage…

made it all the way to rendain after an hour of battle…

what happens next?

rendain kills all of us in one shot (accompanied by his seven million minions)

an hour wasted.

will never do pve again until they fix it.

throwing 20 million monsters at u at the same time doesnt make it challenging it makes it annoying.


I haven’t been having any issues on advanced sabotuer or Renegade.

The number of enemies is dictated by the number of players. My word of advice: be tactical. The worst thing that gets you killed is diving in head first and activating spawn location in the area. Take it piece by piece or quite simply you’ll be overwhelmed


…Truth, and I have nearly 500 hours into Advanced Story mode so I know every map by heart, including the spawn rates for teams of any size.

I haven’t had too many issues in advanced at all. I’ve actually been getting decent groups lately. Although the occasional grenade spam from thrall brutes can be sort of annoying…

You seem to complain no matter what you play you don’t like pvp when people group up as intended you don’t like pve. You may need to play pvp private.

lol ya

It seems like some people are struggling with mechanics of some of the missions. I hope these tips and tricks I just wrote up will help some of you:


:boom: :tada: Ta-da! That’s exactly 500th time you’ve mentioned how many hours you’ve played. :clap: :champagne: :+1:


…So mean!

I put 450 hours into skyrim. I know people have put 1000’s of hours into it, so it’s not that that impressive, but it’s the most hours I’ve put into any game. Well, maybe Tony hawks 2 on the ps1 back in the day, but there was no hours played record back then lol. Anyway, 500 hours in a game like Battleborn is unfathomable to me. Brag away, my friend! Lol

Too noob to fight, that’s it.

The only problems I’ve noticed in advanced story is the abysmal drops lately… Enemy spawns are fine though.

Only 400 peeps playing this morning, finally found one player, Sabo advanced…
Me Deande, other player Oscar Mike, we both got knocked off the ledge, other player left.
I finished the map, everything as expected.

I don’t particularly care about the AMOUNT of spawns but the TYPE. 2-3 Elite bots alongside 5+ Ronin is definitely a problem.

5+ brutes, 5+ bruisers, +2 Crushers

OR 10 of those tiny crawly varelsie things alongside 2+ of the ones that are conservators that juggle you in the air

So yea…the type of spawns in advance are my issue and the number in which they pop up.

True, overall some maps need a tweak because I’ve seen so many players leaving raged.

Only real problem I’ve had is on Heliophage, hundreds of mobs spawning on the platform where you land after jumping from spawn, not being able to get through them to get away. Basically spawn killed.

I only had trouble with escorts missions on advanced but is still rarely lose regardless of team size. Some randoms though UGHH

A few common problems i run into:

Melee characters too eager to earn kills will jump into situations where they should not.

Someone goes down and everyone rushes to revive them. People should secure the area first.

Focusing too much on the boss and the ads pile up.

Not building turrets.

Overall, i don’t think advanced story is too difficult. I’ve beaten every story missions on advanced, other than Saboteur, which i feel is not really anyone’s fault. The difficulty is not too bad in most story missions. People just don’t properly take care of an area and rush around the map.