Right section? Don't care.....fix the dang autosave idiocy!

Have been replaying B3 on my X1X for the past week[ I have the season pass so was going to play the 3 DLC, but decided to start a new character. Hit level 30 and started working on some challenges and have been for about 10 hours. Game just crashed; which it does twice a day or so (not gamebreaking but certainly not AAA quality), but this time instead of just being annoyingly bad coding by Gearbox, my character came back as a level 20 in a mission I did more than 20 hours (in-game) ago…and of course because Gearbox only has the garbage autosave system there is no ability to ever get those 20 hours back. Disgraceful game design. You got my money, but it will be the last time.


Sounds like bad luck on your side. Ps4 saves every couple minutes I dont know x1x but it seems like you might have changed some settings.

umm , idk but my game auto save everything for me , so i cant farm quest reward unless i use cloud save.

Its not an autosave problem as much as a corrupted data issue. It happens, very rarely, but it does happen. I have experienced it in BL3 but definitely had it happen in BL1 & 2. I ran a gun market when I lost everything single manly tear. Luckily it’s easy getting back on your feet, but I get the mourning of lost gear. Stay strong! Platonic man hug?

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