Rioting for iron bear balance changes

Im just here to cry about the hotfix not caring for pets, mostly iron bear, we still have a mechanized soldier without a mech, and a beastmaster without pets.

Crying is over, going back to my 1 button macro to throw grenades and win the game.

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you gotta use a macro?..chuckle

Yes give them a reason to nerf nades and not just fix the bad stuff. Have you done the Mayham 3 time runs with 25min left on the clock? That ■■■■ is only possible with nade spam and pure dps.

I just want diversity, we only have 1 and a half build thats absolutely broken and there is only 1 way to play it, plus vampyr with the class mod is just stupidly overpowered its insane.

We need ways, choices, gameplay, not 1 button spam and never die, this isnt going to last like bl2 if they dont put their sht together.

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Yeah, it blows my mind that with all of the class balance updates today, they didn’t buff Iron Bear or FL4K’s pets (especially his pets when in the Blue Tree). Right now Iron Bear has crap damage and can die very quickly on Mayhem mode, and Blue Tree FL4K is the single most underwhelming tree out of all the characters on Mayhem 3.

(contemplates if they re-branded Moze from “BotJock” to “Gunner” knowing full well how bad Iron Bear was performing and decided to just lean into it)

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The damage is already done tbh.
The way how we can get loot is totally different from BL2.

Many weapons are just random world drops. You can’t farm them really. In BL2 I knew exaclty that I have to kill this or that for an item. In BL3 I just kill something and hope for a drop.

They already reduced drops. Now they reduce damage/killspeed and that means even more reduced legendarys.
At the end nothing will be really good but we have to farm ages for items and I can already tell you, I have every single item stored on 11 chars. Most of them only get really good with good anointed stats. The chance for that is lower than getting a Sham from Bunker, also 90% of the legendarys are just ok or total trash.

The problem here is that the anointed perks all relate to the action skill. I rarely use iron bear at level 50. He only last a few seconds if you’re not specced into that tree so all those weapons are the same as their normal counterparts for my use. It really is sad. Loving the game but a character with no viable action skill is pretty lame. Hope they beef the bear soon.