RiP Gaige. (Corrupted save)

So i recently started a Gaige playthrough and everything were fine until i got to sanctuary. Every NPC intro(Scooter, Zed, Marcus, Tannis) gave me blue screen on the initial visit, and worked on the second try. Weird, but alright.

Continued to progress through the story as normal, did some DLC content and went back to sanctuary and it happened again. Scooter, Zed, Marcus and tannis intro’s played once again and each of them gave me a crash on the first visit. Very weird.

Progressed some more up until the point were i get teleported to Marcus storeroom. As i go up the stairs from his shop, boom crashed again. I assume his intro played once again, but this time when i loaded the gsme back up my save were corrupted.

Anyone else had this happen? Is this a new issue introduced with lilith DLC? I had just got to lvl 50, so it stings a bit to have to start all over again.

I don’t remember this being an issue when the DLC launched last year. It sounds like your system is having issues with the video segments. Are you on a Pro or original PS4?

I’m on the Pro, super sampling enabled.

You may want to check with the 4K textures turned off (I believe that’s a game option in the version on Pro?)

It may be worth searching this or the Handsome Collection equivalent sections by date for June and July last year (use the advanced options on the site search tool) just in case there were others having issues on PS4 Pro at launch.

Otherwise, I’m not sure what to suggest aside from the usual PS4 trouble-shooting steps.

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Oh dude been there. I lost my gaige save once sucks huh