RIP Ion Cannon it was fun while it lasted

5 second reload and Minimum of 6 ammo per shot which will be 12 ammo for Annexed version. Glad it’s not a vital part of my build lol.


6 ammo per shot with a maximum ammo poom of 24 is just stupid. I would get making it closer to the Scorgue but some VHs can’t even boost reload time. I don’t think they really though this change though it seems like an over compensation. Having the gun cost say 3 ammo or maybe 4 but inversely increasing its Mag size significantly would have been more acceptable. Then the problem would be finding a method to sustain Heavy ammo not how can I not be Reloading this monster every few seconds.

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Hey that’s fine to me on the reload part. Not sure how I feel with 6x ammo consumption. So they saying I get 6 rocket ammunition to use before I’m out of rockets?

That kinda an overkill. 4x ammo would’ve been fine since I get 9 chances of my rockets.

Big Boom Blaster gonna be very popular I guess

Eh, no prob for Zane still. Cool hand + playing dirty + clone +facepunch double barrel cut purse. Still unlimited ammo and fast reload. Sad no other class can utilize as much, maybe moze and terror builds still?


Well that was expected “fun detected. Obliterate” as it reads :rofl:


Most of the time, the x2 variants of weapons only add a single ammo more of consumption, so it should be seven ammo consumed per shot for Annexed. It’ll still obliterate the living hell out of something it hits, it just isn’t the clear champion of launchers now. Still fine for deleting a badass or boss, but not suited to extended mobbing without some good ammo regeneration or a Big Boom Blaster.


The Big Boom Blaster can barely keep this gun sustainable at 1 ammo per shot due to a bug where enemies can pick up your boosters.

Also with 6 ammo per shot you get 6 shots before you our of heavy weapon ammo.


Still pretty piss poor of a nerf to that weapon. Yeah the Cannon can use as second winds and bulky enemies but with 6 (or 7 assuming BBB accepts the final mag) is going to be little brutal.

Overall fair trade. I probably going try Creamer or Nukem soon

Saw this one coming 10,000 miles away, heh. When I first laid hands on one and tried it out, I knew they were gonna up the ammo cost (at the very least) in the future. I actually don’t mind the change, I thought it was a bit unbalanced.


Glad I saved all my Fl4K critical 25% anointments now…

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Kinda expected this to happen. I’m glad the damage wasn’t nerfed though. I feel 6x ammo is too much.

I’m glad my Moze doesn’t rely on Ion (or splash)

This just proves they put it in the dlc for the time to sell dlc. But they can’t be having the players have fun for too long. Well now there are no good rpgs in the game. This just ruined all excitement for the event. I was considering jumping back into it but why grind just to have the next weapon,item, character etc nerfed. I spent days grinding for every elemental x 2 125 splash. All for nothing. Thanks gearbox. Everyone thought the text was your way of saying you weren’t going to nerf this one. You have lost all my trust and faith


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have every anointment available for FL4k and never used this thing once. Good news is I’ll have more bank space later.


For my Moze ION build I already stayed around 1 ammo for Click.Click anyways so it should function the same still. It’s more dependent on mag size rather then consumption. Zane will totally be fine, the other 2 might get hit by this one.

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Wow. Fun obliterated indeed.
Usually dont complain too much about nerfs but this one really sucks. Seriously WTF!!!
Either GB is clueless with no testing or they just want to be jerks


More than likely it’s due to some knucklehead(s) complaining how OP it was. Isn’t that how the vast majority of loot gets nerfed anyway ? :joy::joy:


The Nukem is actually my favorite new launcher of the bunch. Sure the Ion Cannon wrecks things 100% but the Nukem is no slouch in the damage department either, and I have fun using it and watching the spectacle.


I actually enjoy this far better as well. The explosion is actually very fun to watch.

Why is it that everytime we get something nice it’s paired with kick in the nuts?

Ffs, I can now fire my ion canon twice…