RIP Ion Cannon it was fun while it lasted

I’ve said it on a similar thread. Knuckleheads who complain incessantly of a weapon being “OP” are the root cause of this and almost all nerfs for that matter. Keep the damn thing as is… who is it hurting?


Goodbye Gearbox !!! So glad I didn’t purchase the season pass.

You have litterally nerfed my desire to ever play this POS game again.

Edit: Does anyone know what the trade in value of this game is?


much like the flaker, great move folks… IT"S NOT A PVP GAME

Stop please


That’s the only way to play balance that Gearbox knows. Increase enemy shield, armor, and health, and nerf any weapon that kills them quickly. That’s it. That’s the extent of Gearboxes abilities.


Next to nothing. Retail price has already dropped by $20. I doubt you would be offered more than $20 at most for a used copy from someone like Gamestop. You could probably get $30 selling it on Ebay, but go any higher than that and you’re too close to the price of a brand new retail copy.

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I get this, and it’s modern business 101…

But also like the idea that 1 DLC OP weapon might have a short life… But I’d appreciate the information before so I can not become too attached…

Even though it was pretty obvious…

Then it’s up on the wall as a memory and onto the next build without being gutted.

Ironically used for less than 20mins…


I think I may have sent you a few ion cannons through mail. If you’d like some more let me know because I’ll be uninstalling BL3 later this evening.

I’m not surprised that they nerfed this weapon, especially given the red text on the weapon card… they were basically trolling us in advance.


Just like the Flakker, more lulz.

Its really only going to affect Amara. Fl4k can regen just as well with LnT

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You got any gear for Zane or Amara you’ll never miss?

Zane no but Amara yes.

I always send my Zane gear to a buddy that plays him.

Maybe they will nerf redistributor because is used by too many. Will decrease 50% fire rate and the amp shot with 10% chance to chain. It will make as much sense as the ion cannon nerf.

They never ever share with us these data collected that they use it like a bible for balancing the game. If in the hand of Moze could look a bit too strong (but which launcher doesn’t in her hands) is taken as done deal I guess.



Are these buffs to the Handsome Jack enemies in this hotfix, that are “too easy”, being based on a siren? Because the difficulty for other classes is not the same right now.

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Freddy was dying very quickly to my FL4K on M2 - it was an easy and enjoyable fight since he’s so close to the travel station. I guess it will take a bit longer now, especially after Ion Cannon de-buff, but even then it usually took a single shot to kill him…

That’s one of like eight bosses and mini-bosses that they buffed. My question is, are they basing the criteria for those buffs on siren runs? Because the difficulty is not the same for all classes. In fact, I think they need to take some time to balance the fkn classes before they start trying to balance the overall difficulty, because right now if the classes are not in balance nothing else is going to make a bit of sense.


Also… based on these last two mini-hotfixes, you would think there are no problems reported with this game. Where are the fixes? There is a forum full of reported problems and requests, not even mentioning the stuff that didn’t make the last patch… what is going on with this game?

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look at what they did with flakker , felt like the entire team got swapped

They’ve nerfed every really good gun that worked well. Kings/Queens Call, Lyuda, Flakker, Crossroads, Cutsman, and now the ION are just a few of the weapons that have been nerfed since the game first launched.


It seems like their logic is to remove the fun that this game used to have.

Gearbox will never sucker me into buying any of their garbage again after this.