RIP Miko: Why Randy Why!

Yup you saw that right, 3 second wound for spraying her primary weapon, and 5 second wound for sniping with it. Then if that’s not enough wounds for ya, she has an ult that does 8 second wounds, 336 damage and it spreads to other players!

First it was RIP El Dragon, the only melee character I mained. Also btw Gal is only on my most played characters because I don’t give a crap about trying new characters in modes that aren’t Incursion so I just play her usually.

Now it’s RIP Miko, the only healer I mained and really enjoyed.

My friends won’t play Miko anymore either, so instead of us playing like a team like we normally do with a tank and a healer and everything. We all play squishies and have our own self-regen for healing and once Beatrix gets her ult, we all run like chickens with are heads cut off back to base to teleport or to a healing station to save ourselves from dying from the DoT and wounds combo.

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Beatrix will stop Miko from clutch heals and pocketing someone but he can still heal someone that’s successfully retreated back to full health in no time, saving them from waiting at a supply station or teleporting back to base. Even then, 40% of Miko’s healing is enough to save them from a good amount of things, provided they aren’t being focused by everything.

Or you could even just start playing more games that aren’t Incursion since Beatrix can’t be in both lanes at Meltdown or all the points in Capture.

I would actually say she’s more of an issue for Alani than Miko.


I dont have any problem, is not like she negated 100% healing. Everyone can back up and get full healed.

Only her ult annoyes me.


Pocket mikoing a fat bot still works wonders against Beatrix they just aren’t immortal anymore


She’s worse for Alani than Miko

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exactly! Miko is used most efficiently when he is pocketing a tank. So taking that away from him means that he can’t play his role, if it’s just for a little bit like when Rath uses Cross Blades or WT uses his shrapnel wounds and my tank gets focus fired to death then that’s a counter to a Miko Tank combo and it’s OK since it’s not all the time, but having wounds virtually all the time from a Beatrix w/ 5 and 8 second duration wounds totally makes Miko unable to be played the way he’s supposed to. Yes, ISIC can do the same at lvl 5 with his Overcharge shots but that’s for 1.5 seconds and if you miss one overcharge shot then the Miko can heal his teammate without wounds and if ISIC is focus firing a tank/Miko combo then he can’t wound anyone else. While Beatrix has 5 second wounds at lvl 1, can shoot them off faster than ISIC, and she can spread her wounds around, so if Miko tries to heal someone else instead of the tank then Beatrice is right on it, and she has 40% life steal to poke with Patient Zero to easily finish off a wounded Battleborn

So no, 40% of Miko’s healing is not enough to save a Montana from Beatrix alone (assuming he doesn’t have damage reduction skills)

Miko is still very playable. Have your team members take cover for 3 seconds. Beatrix can’t keep wound up on everyone at the same time unless she uses her ultimate. I’m actually glad she can shake up the meta. I was getting tired of seeing that galilea/pocket miko combo every other match.


What kind of Montana doesn’t take damage reduction skills? :confused:

Edit : On the list of characters that terrify me as Montana, she’s low down on the list. She’s slow, and not as hard to hit as her small stature might seem to indicate. A well played Thorn , Cal, Mellka etc is much more terrifying. Fast little buggers. Even with my sensitivity cranked it’s still hard to get the big guy turned in their direction quick enough :pensive:

and that’s the rub isn’t it. it’s not whatever beatrix is doing that hurts. :mask: it’s just the dots on top of everything else. if i’ve put myself in a position to get focused that hard i just chalk it up to a lesson learned. sometimes stuff happens. we can all be focused, no matter how good we are

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An intelligent Beatrix ■■■■■ Montana by silencing him out of hailstorm and mansformation.

Also Montana is the hardest counter in the game against Caldarius. Free lunch.

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Silence interrupts Mansformation’s stomp but not the DR. Believe me, as a Rath main I know this.

I see why you said this, because of Montana’s amazing slow. But a good Caldarius will hold on to Gravitic Burst until he gets slowed so he can retreat then come back as soon as Hailstorm is over and dance around Montana.

Not really. That’s countered by several characters and is taking away pretty much all the damage from one of your teammates. The best Mikos actually help out with damage and heal their teammates between fights (or as their friends are retreating from losing fights). The pocket Miko strategy lost most of its effectiveness when players got smart enough to start CCing Miko the moment he used Biosynthesis. And then it lost all effectiveness against skill players when wounds were introduced.

Tl;dr Miko has the combat tag for a reason, he’s more than backpack for a tank.


Battle miko


one thing imo gearbox has going for them well atm is the balance between miko, alani, ambra, and KU.

All 4 of them very relevant and legit as healers and attackers - all in their own unique way.

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The most effective person to heal on a team is the tank (assuming the tank doesn’t suck) and a good tank can protect Miko from getting CC’d and if the Miko stays back far from the tank then it’s really hard for people to CC Miko especially. As well, I don’t mean that I’m healing the tank all the time but I have my tank as my first priority for healing if needed, and then heal others and use my ult if I need to for the rest of the team but usually save it for situations like you pointed out where I get CC’d out of my biosynthesis or if it’s on cooldown.

Also yes, using Gal’s stun + wound shield throw and performing more stun chains is the meta right now but if we are talking about the meta then my team would have a Gal + Miko combo too, so if their Gal stuns my Gal then that’s my Gals fault that she’s dead from it.

But right now with Beatrix it seems like my team is always wounded with Beatrix who has 5 second wounds on her primary weapon at the start and an ult with 8 seconds of wounds. Which is way too much wounds for someone to have, especially since the 5 second wounds are never on cooldown and since it starts at lvl 1.

So, how does your tank stop me from Catalytic Smashing both you and the tank? How good of a Gali does she have to be to prevent my near instantaneous AoE hard CC from knocking up both her and you? How good does she have to be to prevent a Flashbang from Caldarius hitting you?

Beatrix can’t keep the entire team perma wounded. If she is it’s because no one is focusing her. She’s a sniper and someone on your team should be harassing her non stop. It’s the same thing with Toby. No one complains about his insane damage out put because they know to focus him to force a retreat. You just need to get someone to get up in her face for a few seconds and she’ll back off. Instead of saying your main is dead because of the meta shifting, maybe you should try to adapt your strategies. I have 200 plus games with Miko and Beatrix isn’t going to stop me from playing him.


Omg… I can play Miko like I normally like now with out pissing people off! I CAN THROW KUNAI AGAIN GUILT FREE!!!

Or just go Pervasive Poison + Vicious Strain with a Bola’s and blame Beatrix. :grin:


To make a serious comment, I agree with @blainebrossart1’s statement.
Beatrix can’t negate healing on your entire team.
Hypothetically, you’d need to line up your entire team and she’d have to be shooting at all of you (which would require unscoped shots, based on attack speed).
This entire scenario would be one thing: Bad positioning on behalf of your team.

Then there’s also the part about her being a sniper. That’s where her wound effect becomes a real threat, by securing kills in single-target focus kills (e.g. Montana vs. Beatrix+2). To work against it, you could either pick Reyna (a counter to Beatrix which I have yet to see in a PUG :rolling_eyes: ) or just treat her like any other sniper (e.g. Marquis/Toby) and force her out of position or disrupt her otherwise.

To bring this back to Miko’s role in the current meta, there’s not much about fighting Beatrix that our resident combat botanist really excels in. Miko lacks disruption tools and isn’t going to brute-force her OOP alone.
So fighting a Beatrix means some of your better suited teammates should be doing the job, while you keep them alive. In that regard, Beatrix isn’t much different from other characters.

As far as applicability to PUGs goes, the best thing you can do if a Beatrix really manages to harass your entire team, is just to politely ask your team to do something about her.


Nice point out. I have played a LOT of Montana and know that silence cancels hailstorm but just assumed it cancelled mansformation dr since it’s pretty hard to discern whether it is still active or not (from Montana perspective).

As for Caldy, he’s the closest to a main that I have. You can escape with gravitic but as I have discussed in other topics:

a) it’s super annoying never being able to use it for offense, lest you get slowed
b) it’s not a perfect escape: sometimes you have no cover to get to/will get stuck on a minion/will not go far enough etc. If you do escape (which I do 80+% of the time), Montana will still have seriously chunked your health with his insane dps and your plump hitbox, forcing you out of the fight
c) don’t even try to attack any of Montana’s teammates. You will get nuked at Montana’s discretion. In meltdown you cannot do anything in that lane. In incursion you can do nothing at all.

In draft every time I have seen a Cald I have picked Montana and killed Cald every time I layed eyes on him. If he gravs around a corner it doesn’t matter, because I have sprint speed gear and simply chase around the corner and reapply the slow. I use Cald as a powerlevelling tool, it’s that easy.

Even without the slow, Montana wins. Higher health, higher dps. I don’t know why people get the impression that Montana is difficult to track fast-moving targets with. He turns, moves and sprints just as fast as anyone else (and a lot faster than some like Mellka lolll) and has a spray-and-pray weapon.

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